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 Idiot tier list.

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Lordlos Omnipotent

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Idiot tier list. Empty
PostSubject: Idiot tier list.   Idiot tier list. EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 7:47 pm

This tier list is measured by who is/acts like more of an idiot from top to bottom currently in fr.

S tier: 1. Bozo (Does it even have to be said?)
2. Riley Dunphy (Drug addict, bias retarded shit head who knows nothing about anything that goes on but pretends to, believes anything he wants to hear, canadian, believes to this day he is not a virgin, looks and acts like shaggy from scooby doo.)

High tier: 1. Lugia (Tried to hex me and bitter bob over the internet, claims not to be gay yet tries to show his disgusting foot to me on webcam, claims not to be a furry yet has sex with stuffed animals and inflatables and rides his inflatable dragon while playing brawl, claims to have degrees in college for accounting and some other shit yet works at k mart and plans to work there for the rest of his life, calls himself a mind breaker and a genius.)
2. Lordlos the holy omnipotent god deity master champion king who is superior to everyone in every way shape and form (Mainly acting like an idiot by intentionally saying dumb or stupid shit to envoke rage, spamming down smash in brawl, exaggerating or saying something obviously not true, contradictory statements, is legit being an idiot by trolling own chat out of force of habit, laughing because I thought of something funny, going on skype with sick minded people like lugia, masta, and rodax, not cropping out my last and first name in screen shots, is a delicious dynomite deity but accociates with peons.)
3. Cosmo AKA Gem AKA Andrew, AKA some other gay shit (Gets trolled extremily easily, predictable and over aggro in general, his voids brother, throws a chair out of rage irl over his rl pic being shown and then claims he is beating me and that I am the one raging, says caps is rage yet uses caps then stops, smirks to seem like he is not angry then whines about maturity like some brony fag from lb, uses his age as an excuse to talk about maturity not realizing he is just proving he is victimized more by the fact that he has to be that desperate to not get trolled, claims not to internet date but white knights kelsey because he likes emo chicks, ADHD accuses you of something you just did the opposite of, or just outright makes baseless claims he can't back up)
4. Turbo (Wished justin beiber was a girl, like bigedo his morals come from fiction thinking there's no right or wrong because stein from soul eater said so, makes himself an idiot by being too lazy to use his own mind and just repeats after everyone, can somtimes try too hard to sound smart and then reveal that he is outright mimicing what someone else said, usually doesn't know shit that is going on and is just doing what someone told him, is white, mom and dad are siblings.)
5. Rose (Cannot speak properly, dumped aak for him being "too nice" and likes guys like void who burn women with ciggeretes, likes emo men who treat her like shit namely void cept he's a boy, claims to be straight but cybers a girl in main for hours, repeats insults, fails at trickery badly because of her shitty grammar, lied about taking pics that I actually do have even after I showed them, lies about everything even if she just said it or did it a few moments ago.)
6. Kelsey (Likes peanut butter, puts peanut butter on everything including pizza, is confused about her race calling herself british, white, then hispanic, then white again, irrational, emotionally unstable, if you say emos, fags, and justin beiber all in the same sentence she will think you are insulting whatever boy friend she has at the time, wears weaves, thinks farting candy is cute.)
7. Rodax (Denies being black and is ashaimed of it, thinks that if you are in college you are automatically a genius, thinks that if you take a stock off his diddy you are m2k level, says you lie about matches yet admits you never lie about matches, claims he never denies matches or admits matches that he loses in brawl but did fucking deny matches he lost against me outright, is an alcoholic, will suck a dick but won't take it up the ass, is bald, thinks lugia isn't a furry, didn't get jv 4 stocked by m2k barely on the last stock by 1% and believes that he is the best wifi player ever until deceive or negga show up, said fse would only lose to us because we would use aib people even though bigedo is the best in fse and rodax said himself that negga is better and he knows negga is in the clan.)
8. Void (Acts like an idiot randomly kicking people for being gay or atheist instead of flaming them like a normal person, is emo, cut himself so much that his mind doesn't work right due to lack of blood, ate burgers out of the trash and his justification is that his mentally handicapped younger brother convinced him to eat it, eats mcdonalds in PE after failing PE, failed PE.)
9. Orange fox (Acts like an idiot by saying gay weird shit randomly, calls himself orange fox a baseless uncreative name, was in tec, actually thought kot was a good leader, is the smartest person in tec which makes him barely abov borderline retarded, claims not to main fox.)
10. Skysong (Mentally unstable, emotionally unstable, emotional wreck, possibly insane, as had homocidal thoughts about her father simply because he smacks his lips when he eats, is obsessed with how guys see her looks when she isn't fucking dating them and has a boy friend, like rose enjoys dating emo dudes like void who treat her like shit, isn't as interested in black people who worship the ground she walks on and wish to collect tissue she wiped her ass with and tampons like rodax, is overly insecure for no reason.)
11. Supa hot (Says someone looks like something and never saw wtf they look like, claims to have created fr, acts ghetto and like a degenerate, claims to be from germany.)
12. Decieve (Had his aib banned forever because he lost a brawl, obsessed with brawl, brags about any victory, way too aggro over brawl, thinks no one can beat him cept for another mk and if he loses to anything besides and mk he cuts himself.)

Mid Tier: 1. AAK (Can't type for shit, contemplated homosexuality, is british) 2. XP (Thinks cursing and masturebation is a sin yet claims to be super religious, has a crush on roxas/ventus but claims not to be bi anymore.) 3. Mikey (Said am instead of I'm for a time, is british, uses link on wifi.) 4. Negga (Grammar is almost as bad as aak's about it tho.)

Bottom tier: Groudlet (Is a robot and is as smart as what is programed into him.)
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Idiot tier list. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Idiot tier list.   Idiot tier list. EmptySat Aug 11, 2012 8:03 pm

Lmfao. xD
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Idiot tier list. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Idiot tier list.   Idiot tier list. EmptyTue Aug 14, 2012 1:17 am

I'm surprised I not only read all of that, and that it's not only hilarious at times.
But some of it's actually true XD

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Idiot tier list. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Idiot tier list.   Idiot tier list. Empty

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Idiot tier list.
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