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 Racist tier list.

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Racist tier list. Empty
PostSubject: Racist tier list.   Racist tier list. EmptySun Mar 25, 2012 9:55 pm

S:Tier all black people because they feel the need to be in power and "take da white man power and take him down undah ahaha" and they also complain when you mention anything black (Look at Los) and los thinks all white people are incest loving hillbilly rednecks blacks also wish to be white because most of them try to act like us and when they accomplish something they feel that the whole world needs to know it

Bottom tier: All white people because we are Gods perfect image and he loves us more because we never went through slavery
^ A prime example of voids beliefs and values based on how his parent/siblings raised him.

S tier: 1.Bigedo (Most racist member of fr. It is his firm belief that if you are black, you auto have an attitude since "it is in the blood" as he says, however recently he denied this since he knows he is a racist nigger hating hill billy whos mother is his dads mom. He claimed to stop having a crush on pikru once he found out she was black. According to him all black girls are disgusting simply because they are black. 2.Masta (Hates his own race more than uncle ruckus and admiral pit combined. He has so many words to insult black people that he made up his own language of hatred towards his own race. The only thing that prevents him from topping bigedo is because of the fact that he claims to be proud of his race at times despite this being a HUUGE contridiction, it slightly hinders him about 2% from being the most racist member of fr.

Top Tier: 1. Jin (Self loathing, and ashamed of what the god he doesn't believe in made him. Jin hates his race to such a degree that he envies snow for being so white. Jin only accociates with blacks like himself that kiss up to white people and loves to be called a nigger since they have no pride in their race. Jin gets a form of extacy off of being called a nigger, he feels similar to that of bigedo when a 290 pound sonic lover stands on his nuts whilst his testicles lay on a box spring (box springs being the only thing that can hurt his nuts) when someone calls him such a name. Jin wishes to be white and plans on following his idol Micheal Jackson in getting surgery to become a white man. Brags about so much as being able to glance at a white girl and says that I am a loser because he thinks I never had a white girl friend before. 2. Voids little sister (Void told her she was adopted by their family and that black people are her real parents. She told him in response that she couldn't be black since she is not a slave) 3. Voids parents (Raised void and his siblings to believe all black people are slaves)

High tier: 1. Void (Thought it was funny to tell his little sister her that black people are her real parents as if it were something to be ashamed of. Shares bigedos racist belief that it is in black peoples blood to have an attitude. Thinks all black girls are ugly, also another belief he shares with bigedo. Says he likes white girls the best. Bragged about beating up a black guy in his first fight. He hires a black kid to be his best friend irl to make himself not look like he is racist.) 2. Rodax (Automatically is sexually atracted to anyone who is white. Hates his skin color and admits it.) 3. Turbo (When obama was nominated to be president, turbo stated "I don't want that nigger running my country". Nigger is the most used word in his vocabulary. His idol is hitler. His father is an ex klu klux clan member, he however is a current clan member.) 3. Bob (Believes that blacks should be thankful for being enslaved and brought to "civilization". Believes blacks should be grateful to Abraham Lincion, another slave owner like himself, for freeing slaves despite it being them simply rectifying something wrong.)

Mid tier: 1 xp (A little racist since he makes fun of mexicans and insults them.) Everyone else (No one else hate note worthy racist beliefs and are roughly equal in their racism.)

Bottom tier: Groudlet (Is a robot.)

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Racist tier list.
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