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 The nice tier list

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The nice tier list Empty
PostSubject: The nice tier list   The nice tier list EmptyMon May 06, 2013 11:14 pm

Top tier: Negga(Null) Alyssa(new member)

High tier: 1. AAK(Was dumped for being too nice and is fat as hell making him jolly) 2. Mikey(doesn't really insult anyone)

Mid tier: 1.Groudlet(isn't particularly nice or mean just a weirdo) 2.Yasmin(Kinda apathetic but a very grateful young girl) 3.Cosmo AKA his bro AKA Gem(Has temper tantrums when I troll him but took redalin to calm himself down. Doesn't really do anything particularly mean aside from talking about sky behind her back but who doesn't) 4. Yoshi(Another weirdo but a rude one)

Low tier: 1. Dmid(null) 2. Orange Fox(kinda an asshole occasionally but not that large of an asshole when he is being one)

2. Skysong(Usually going out of her way to be nice to mask her beastly temper that matches her looks. Do not make eye contact with when angry; has torn bobs face and balls off numorous times and would be lower on this list if she didn't at least pretend to be nice)

3. Xp(Also acts nice and like a good boy catholic who never curses around his granny; however unbeknownst to his family, he is actually a stifled, psychotic, angry nerd who brags on the internet about how he ruined the reputation of some kid who beat him up in school with rumors. He is also extremily judgmental due to the fact that he is skrawny believing that any and everyone thicker than him in the slightest is fat. He has stated his desire to kill but not steal from bold heart so I guess technically he has some morals right?)

4. Riley(Wishes to literally kill all atheists and gays. He hates his mother and the only people he cares about in his life are his friends by his own admission. Becames posessed by satan at the thought or sight of pikru.)

5. Rodax(Almost half as judgmental as xp especially with guys. An asshole about brawl who never admits to losses unless you completely shit on him and not so much even then so. Jumps the nearest band wagon he can find, hates his god and hates his family to an extent)

6. Sosa(Is a prick about every game that he plays. Has disregarded friends and family in his persuit to become king of games after quitting brawl because maining snake, diddy, metaknight, olimar, and every char that is high tier or s tier in brawl didn't work out for him. Also he hates sex and thinks it is gross just sayin)

7. Deceive(A diva of a male; almost as much of a prima donna as lights and insists he is better than everyone in brawl ever except mks but refuses to use his mk regularly.)

8. Rose(Dumped aak for being too nice. Only likes a guy if he treats her like shit and cheats on any dude she dates because she is black.)

9. Rai(is an atheist, nuf said)

10. Bob(Is a teenage paul haymen; made fun of void while void might have been dying. Will turn on you in a second for a larger band wagon; no loyalties, it's all about looking out for number 1, characteristics of yajarobe cept if he was in that episode there would be no car intercepting things. Makes fun of xp for being an overall freak)

11. Butta(Might possibly be an atheist. Feminist. Hates men. Self loathing and also might hate her mom. Hates all men aside from her son internet son that she has furry sex with in fur suits. Is apathetic towards most people in general to uphold her emo style and look even though she's not emo.)

12. Void(Is a prick to almost every new person on chat, mainly girls, tho some deserve it. Made fun of people for lacking father figures or having dead dads not gonna specify who tho don't want people knowing that. Beats up and abuses his little brother occasionally. Attacks his father as well for eating the last cheese burger)

Bottom Tier: 1. Jin(Is an atheist. Hates his own race and likes to be called a nigger for some reason. Sounds angry as fuck irl all the time. Tortured by his dark past of dark people darkening up his darkness.)

2. Mario(Has done illigal things to people online. Nuff said lol. Also he is one of those fagnostics)

3. Bigedo AKA Vagina AKA Bi Curious George AKA the furious bi curious AKA Vegeta AKA PPV(Is a combination of mean from several different people. No loyalties like bob. Judgmental like xp. Self conscious and self loathing like most of the people low tier and down. Would slit turbos throat for a girl friend. Wished death on his own mother. Contemplated suicide multiple times. Is obsessed with other peoples relationships and wishes to interfear in them. Believes he is some super hero from dbz who is saving girls from their boyfriends but is actually just stealing a whore for himself. A weirdo, a freak who will do anything to get what he wants no matter how many boddies he has to walk over.)

4. MastaXenu X AKA Dusty boy AKA Da Masta Mind(If you so much as look at him the wrong way he snaps like a rabid animal. An even shorter temper than skys and is twice as unstable as she is. Kills people in the name of scientology daily for taking pills. Murders anyone who insults his religion and throws their bodies into a volcano. Closes his eye at night and wishes death on me nightly. Has wished death on my family.)

5. Pikru(I don't even have to say shit now do I?)

6. Lordlos(This monster has forced several emo kids to quit youtube. His nasty toilet mouth has made ppv cry irl on numorous occasions with turbo as a witness. Has tricked bigedo out of his youtube account via manipulation of his emotions for a girl he loved more than his own life since he said he would die for her which happens to be the bitch above him but yea. Threatens to kill butta everytime he see her; threatens to kill sky everytime he sees her; threatens to kill void everytime he sees him. Also made fun of void when he might have been dying from that gas pocket in his chest or w.e the fuck was wrong with him. Posted bigedos private conversations all over his channel for all to see. This is not even the tip of the ice burg but you get the point this guy is fucking evil).
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The nice tier list
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