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 New Banner And Xat Background

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New Banner And Xat Background Empty
PostSubject: New Banner And Xat Background   New Banner And Xat Background EmptyWed Jul 11, 2012 6:28 pm

:Estelle27: Like I said before, discuss the colors for the main theme of each. No limitations on the banner. Limitations on the chat: Cannot be red or black due to complaints of visibility. If you have not already posted what character you wish to represent you, please go do so now in the topic specified for that, which would be right here.

When all preparations are complete, I'll get to work on one or the other, or both. I personally think blue or green would be a nice color choice. :Undine:

:Estelle1: Edit: Also! Kindly post a render of the character you want. A render is an image with the character and a solid background color or a transparent background. That would be most appreciated. If not, I will go get the images myself and I don't want to hear "can you change this or that" because that gets really hard to do once the images are already plastered onto the background. I have to basically start over again or paste the new image over the old one, just large enough that it covers up the old one. Looks bad, and is annoying. Keep your images relatively small. For the banner, take a look at the current one we have, and for the chat, make them smaller.
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New Banner And Xat Background
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