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 Examples of Pikru being a sore loser.

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Examples of Pikru being a sore loser. Empty
PostSubject: Examples of Pikru being a sore loser.   Examples of Pikru being a sore loser. EmptyWed Dec 21, 2011 7:13 pm

Give some examples of how Pikru is a sore loser. There are a myriad of examples you can give or show. I'm currently sleepy right now, so I won't go into full detail.

Pikru used to rage just simply because I would shuffle through characters, and if I picked Pikachu and beat her with it (which I always did), she would rage-no-contest the match and say "You're trying to insult me by beating me with my own main". She also did so if I chose DK and put my name as "L.Los" (Lordlos) and say something along the lines of "You're trying to insult me by impersonating Los, you know I date him." or something like "you know we're fighting right now, you don't have to be an ass about it." Then I once put my name as "L.Los" again for Pokemon Trainer (had no name for the character, and Los likes Pokemon, so I made PT Los), and she would rage more and quit the matches altogether. I love how she can't comprehend the simple facts about lag, either. People used to avoid playing her because her lag was so bad and made the game boring, which is why she would win once every 10 matches or so. If she didn't win a single one, she would rage off and yell at me. When I said the only reason she was winning was because of the lag, she would throw a hissy-fit at me and say it's not true. Then, recently, a few months ago, the opposite happened. She could beat me still, like I said, once every ten matches or so, and she had no problem with that while I had bad lag. Then, one day, she didn't get to beat me at all, and she said "You're only winning because of the lag. If there was no lag, I would be winning." I told her that she is not speaking the truth, that lag is the reason why I cannot play to my full potential. She asked "Then why did I beat you before you had bad lag?" I replied "You only beat me once in a blue moon, I still won the majority of the matches." Her: "Still, I beat you, now tell me why I can't beat you now, but I beat you back then." Me: "Right now, there is no difference. I lag now, you lagged back then, that is why you beat me every so often. The lag limits how much I can play by a great margin. Even XP can beat me in lag." Pikru: "Wow, XP can beat you? So you suck?" Me: "First of all, I said I'm not good in lag, second, when there is no lag, I cannot be touched by either of you two. I am just the better player; more experience, more knowledge, better intuition, faster reflexes." Then she proceeded to call me an ass and say she does not want to play Brawl with me anymore. She once again, deleted me for the 6th time or so. We proceeded to play Pokemon, and she forfeited the first two matches, which is okay, because forfeit means you are still willing to accept and acknowledge the fact that you lost, and are willing to let the opponent receive that win. Then, the next 3 matches, she disconnected the router on purpose or turned the game off and told me off as well.
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Examples of Pikru being a sore loser.
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