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 Tales of the Rebellion Chapter One

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PostSubject: Tales of the Rebellion Chapter One   Tales of the Rebellion Chapter One EmptyFri Nov 04, 2011 2:34 pm

Dingggg.. Dingggg... Dinngggg.... The Bells toll for the new land founded upon by the 2 founding fathers. Void and Lordlos.

Void: Come my servants for our new lands shall be of great bundles of wealth and prosperity. Let us rebuilt a new world that was founded upon ashes and destruction.
Lordlos: no weak shall come and seek our destruction, get to work faggots!

So the loyal servants began to build the Kingdom of Rebellion, The land was a lush green meadow with the skies painted blue and the Grand Plateau where the head of the Kingdom lies. Much construction has been undergoing and the kingdom was just about half finished. Houses where built, roads where carved, and the people of the land grew to be liking to one another, yes this would be a prosperous kingdom indeed. The town was all enforced by the leaders the two lords, Los and Void.

Void: My loyal servants, I call upon to secure the lands for when I thou not be able to hold my blade against any foe who opposes us. So I dub thee

Sir XP, Sir Mikey and Sir Rai, protect the lands and with you as Royal Knights, lead the soldiers to guard over thee fare lands and protect it with your lifes.

xp mikey and rai: "Yes my lord"

XP" Alright you heard the lord, Sir Rai, take the Gates of the East, Mikey take the Gates of the West, & I shall take the Gate of the North and with my powers I shall entrust the South to DJ. Alright SCRAMBLE!!! So the three Royal Knights took their soldiers and they went off to protect the Kingdom.

Sadly, dark clouds begin to linger over the fare kingdom bringing nothing but much fighting and fierce struggles.

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PostSubject: Re: Tales of the Rebellion Chapter One   Tales of the Rebellion Chapter One EmptySat Nov 12, 2011 5:55 am

Omg, interesting. Keep going. I don't really remember DJ too well, but I've heard of him and why he left.
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Tales of the Rebellion Chapter One
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