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 Ass kissing tier list.

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Ass kissing tier list. Empty
PostSubject: Ass kissing tier list.   Ass kissing tier list. EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 10:55 pm

This tier list is meant to show who brown noses the most in final rebellion.This will count all current fr members, and past fr members (the ones I can remember anyway).

S tier: Bigedo: The biggest kiss ass in the history of final rebellion. This pathetic piece of shit has begged for main owner from void numorious times even to the point where he believed that I was void despite the obvious impersonation. Ass kissing tier list. 20110607-uqyx-45kb Ass kissing tier list. 20110607-i0rh-45kb Ass kissing tier list. 20110607-vgn1-50kb
^This idiot was so far off the deep end he still believed this was void until I outright told him it was me. Another example of bigedos ass kissery is his rape of millions of men in my honor as demonstrated in the following images.Ass kissing tier list. 20110707-sevk-72kb Ass kissing tier list. 20110707-1b27-22kb Ass kissing tier list. Ggggg
^He called me goku, that which is above the actual god in his opinion. Bigedo also still literally worships other HUMAN BEINGS, namely eddie, pelca, linkr and anyone else from esf whos name is not dustin rice (cept when he gets mad at me then he will resort to sucking that niggers dick to). He gets a sick feel off of being beaten and degraded by those he considers to be deities Ass kissing tier list. Lmaokp Ass kissing tier list. Gfdgb Ass kissing tier list. 201109011818officalsfcl Ass kissing tier list. Bahahahah Ass kissing tier list. Rofly Ass kissing tier list. Funnylk
^This is earl btw, and according to bigedo himself he knew this was a dude. Bigedo kisses up to virtually anyone, especially those that beat him in brawl. Bigedo aka PPV aka emile to this day still licks the crack of admiral pits ass. He also let deceive bunk him over for some cyber lovin due to beating him in brawl(Ok I am exaggerating here tho lol, decieve did beat him in brawl and bigedo did start ass kissing but he didn't let him cyber). Bigedo calls any female he is currently harassing to inflict pain upon him a goddess, and worships them as such and claims that is being a good boy friend (despite not being in a relationship with them) and that it is an example of "putting others before yourself".This among other things makes bigedo the biggest ass kisser that has ever been and hopefully ever will be in fr.

High tier: 1. Bozo: Kisses the ass of every new troll that appears putting them over the last, namely me, shonic, masta and others. He takes his ass kissing so far that he has actually cybered the people whos asses he has kissed, namely masta. He cybered masta in main chat for 2 hours straight, and in pc apparently claiming to have been forced. He has kissed the ass of most major personalities in fr despite any past history with them, and will contradict anything he has said before about the person with praise to the contrary of whatever he said previously when not on their side.

2. Bob: Biasly disagrees or agrees with whomever he decides to favor based on whether or not one side benifits him more. Zero integrety, only says or claims to believe that which supports his temporary ally when it comes to more ferm beliefs meaning he contridicts anything he has claimed to believe just to support an arguement he started out of nowhere with no intent other than to simply jump on the side of whoever he favors for the time being. Will resort to either making up facts that aren't true and will argue even if proven wrong, tells you to get evidance for the obvious and if you don't you "lose". Two faced, will play both sides not letting either one know which side he is on until he judges who has the advantage and proceeds to biasly support that side unless it is made obvious he cannot talk his side out of trouble due to either his, or his ally's own fuck up, then he finally shuts up randomly.

3. Sosa when hungry for owner: Will proceed to call me pimp, god, and other complements or facts then immediatly ask for owner. Also sucks up to other peeople he may favor for the time being like bigedo, along with rodax sosa also kissed bigedos ass in role playing, taking it to the extreme of acted as if he was in a relationship with bigedo acting as if bigedo was actually a girl.

4. Alladin: Very similar to bozo in how he constantly calls my name in caps proceeding to praise me, however when kissing the ass of earl or any other new face, he changes this praise to insults and proceeds to contridict himself in every way possible whilst ass kissing the new troll/trap.

5.XP: Is constantly whining about how he wants void on, and how life without him is meaningless.Pretends to be overly eager to hear voids stories for mysterious reasons, and will go LOL at any and everything void says, even if it isn't that funny, not funny at all, or not intended to be funny. Is the only one who love to cuddle voids shit more than void does. Is also the only one in fr to brown nose void more than mikey.

6. Mikey: Biasly agrees with anything and everything void says, and does anything void tells him to do (not nearly to the extreme of xp). Would get rid of all his link yaoi for voids dante yaoi and jack off next to him if void told him to do so (xp would do worse). Actually called void god and meant it. Also has a homosexual mac and tosh like relationship with aak.

7. AAK: Kisses everyones ass cept not nearly to the degree of bigedo, and unlike bigedo is capable of not kissing some peoples asses. Mac and tosh like relationship with mikey as stated before, called azuel or w.e that guys name is a goddess.

8. Skysong: Total doormat; tried to save pikru from slaughter and in return was called a bitch, in response she begged for pikrus forgiveness saying she is sorry for god knows what an proceeded to get on her knees and suck on pikrus hairy clit. Said she wanted to die when her other black boy friend masta was leaving xat forever.

9.Riley: Kisses up and praises bigedo despite bigedo being bi sexual and riley hating anyone who isn't straight therefore contradicting his beliefs to kiss some ass. Kissed up to masta for a time since they were both angry at me.

10. Mario: I'd rather not say, too disturbing.

11. Gem aka cosmo aka soul: White knights random girls in the chat yet proceeds to call people desperate. Randomly bandwagons wav people saying stupid shit about pence beating goku, and gay rappers beating superman prime.

Mid tier: 1.Rodax: Kissed bigedos ass (denies this up and down even though it happened more than once).Sucks up to void occasionally. Also kept trying to stay friends with the jungle cunt despite said cunt being a worthless person, and a bad friend. Doesn't care that sky emotionally cheated on him with void.

2. Lordlos: Constantly ask girls to sit on his face and gives power to all of his gf's and people who are good at brawl and begs girls to kiss their feet and will do anything for foot pics

3. Void: Called mimi his mistriss on face book and asked her to sit on his lap. Said he would do anything for his mistriss and admitted later that he meant this and felt bad about it (denies it now).

Bottom tier: Everyone else:Is either not an ass kisser, or not segnificant enough to mention. May add more later.
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Ass kissing tier list.
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