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 Rodax's Eulogy

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Lordlos Omnipotent

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PostSubject: Rodax's Eulogy   Rodax's Eulogy EmptyMon Sep 03, 2012 7:54 pm

He may not have been smart, nor useful, nor loyal, but....Wait where am I going with this, why am I writing this shit for this awful mother fucker?Oh well fuck it; rodax was one of our more active members, he may have been "misguided" on a few things that lead to our differences, but he was a....a.....Entertaining?

Biography: At the age of 4, rodax and his pre school friends did and "experiment" that would change his life forever.Little timothy was fightened by little rocko's appearance since he was so black, his skin was the same color as the shade between his dads big hairy ass crack.He managed to convince his white australian friends that little rocko was a wild animal (not very hard to believe because of his appearance) and they banned together to play crocodile hunter donning their Steve Darwin gear, they set out in the pre school in search of little rocko as they lassoed him to the ground, he fell breaking his nose.The children then proceeded to torture young rocko sticking their fingers up his anus and playing with his balls; little timothy picked up a hamster attempting to feed it to rocko but then young timothy had a most evil "experiment" in which he would conduct.He decided to shove the hamster up young rocko's anus believing that the hamster would run around his insides like one would on a wheel, torturing him to death, but something unexpected happened...Instead of harming young rocko, he seemed to enjoy the rodent running round inside of his rectom scratching at the insides; the children were tramatized and looked with fear and awe as rocko began to shoot a mysterious liquid from his what they called a "peener weener".The salty substance was shot into young cindy's hair as she fainted, timothy stood in shock as a little bit of the sperm shot into his mouth and in his nostrols, however he was too shocked and in awe at the events that were taking place.The hamster died inside of rodax's anus as he gained the ultimate pleasure...the experiment...was complete......
From that day foward rodax became a bi sexual furry.Rodax began drinking around this age as well and losing his hair, he used the hamsters fur as his tupee for a time his head outgrew the hamsters fur.The skinless rodent is said to still rest within his anus.
Rodax's Eulogy Ew
1993 - 2012
Son, brother, brawler, alchoholic
animal humpist, weirdo, clan member...

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PostSubject: Re: Rodax's Eulogy   Rodax's Eulogy EmptyMon Sep 03, 2012 8:01 pm

nice knowing you pal
[code][quote][u] flower
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Rodax's Eulogy
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