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 Crusades of Final Rebellion

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PostSubject: Crusades of Final Rebellion   Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:32 pm

Chapter 1 It all begins

Welcome to the world of xat! Xat is a chat where people can make chats and gain members to become social giants! Some people even make clans to fight with other clans to become number 1!

ANNOUNCEMENT: A tourney is being held fellow xatinites! The winner gets whatever he wants! This will be broadcasted for all xats to watch! Competitors are welcome to come and test their might! Let the best man be the last one standing.

*at FR conference table*
Void: seems interesting, shall we dominate this tourney and make FR the most well known clan on xat?

Los: Whatever honkey im wishing for feet pics.

Bob: Seems interesting, lets crush LB like the little bitches they are.

AAK: yea lets join, mikey will rape them all his the greatest.

mikey: NO DAT AAK


It was decided that FR would participate in the tourney

* in a darkened room*
????: My plan seems to be going well.

Omnus: Indeed, and I expect to get you know what for helping you.

????: In due time *evil grin*

Tourney announcer: Here we are xat, at the Grand Tourney! We have many competitors today, before we begin let me tell you about the stage. The arena is an entire city called Xat City! All areas are open for combat except the Safe Zone, which is a building for the losers and the viewers who have come to the city. Getting killed results in a ban! in which you are warped to a different dimension to heal, when you healed completely you are brought to the safe zone building to be a viewer. Viewers can wander around the city but are branded with a mark to show they are a visitor so they are not attack. Now lets see the competitors!

*screens pop up showing various parts of the city*

I see some competitors from all over! hopefully we see a battle soon!


Chapter 2 Robo hoedown

*near a cafe*

XP: looks like we're the first ones to battle groudlet.

groudlet: yeeeehhhhhaaaaawwww

*announcer points to the screen and the screen enlarges to show the fight better*

LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE OUR FIRST BATTLERS FOLKS! i wonder who will beat who! its fire bender vs mole! will earth be able to smother the fire! or will the fire be burst through!

Xp launches of surge of fire at groudlet but shots them down with rock imbued shots from his dual pistols.

Groudlet then began singing the winnie the pooh intro and became focused, he began shooting rock and fire imbued shots at xp striking him.

XP back flipped behind groudlet trying to strike him with his sword, but groudlet hill billy joe danced behind him and hill billy joe stomped on xp.

Announcer: Things don't look so good for xp! is this the end of the fire warrior!?
XP slash at groudlet, but Poncho Mole dug from the ground and upper cutted xp in the face. Xp fell to the ground. Groudlet repeatedly shot xp with ground shots. Xp began panting

Xp: no this can't be it.

xp began to lose vision

groudlet: spicy sweet chilli dorito stars!

groudlet launched his sweet chilli dorito stars at XP freezing him. Ponch mole then jumped into the air and used Poncho meteor hitting xp.

groudlet: yay


XP laid defeated on the ground. Groudlet lifted xp and put him on Poncho's back and took xp with him.

Announcer: I've seen such good sportsmanship! It was a great match but groudlet proved too spicy for xp to handle!

On one of the TV screens a silhouette of a man on a pony appear.


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PostSubject: Re: Crusades of Final Rebellion   Mon Apr 30, 2012 8:43 pm



good tale!!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Crusades of Final Rebellion   Tue May 01, 2012 11:59 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Crusades of Final Rebellion   Wed May 02, 2012 12:57 am

Chapter 3: Hand Dealt. The Black Ace revealed!

Bob walked along the street passing house by house.

The silihoutte of the man on the pony began getting closer.

Announcer: Whats this!? looks like a mysterious figure riding some horse creature is about to attack bob! will he be able to fend him off!?

out of nowhere king strikes bob in the face. bob flew backwards and landed on his feet and turned around to see who had hit him, it was the gay ass pony loving loser who loves horse cock Steven GayCockLord King.

King: Hey, bob, Still a immature little brat?

Bob: if that you mean better than you in everyway yes you cock gobbling bitch ass.

Bob then jumped at king and punched him sending him flying. His pegasus Celestia catching him

King: Lol, bitch feel my brony gayness

King then began emitting a rainbow light sending bob into a hellish gay nightmare where all things are rainbows and sunshine.

Bob: shit i knew going against his gay ass pony magic was a bad idea, he wont get close enough for me to hit.

Everything around bob began growing flowers on them and care bears began appearing everywhere asking for a hug.

Bob: no this is too gay.......

Bob began kneeling on one knee disgusted by the amount of gay showing.

Bob passed out on the ground......

In bobs head

"Do you want power?"

Bob: huh?

"Do you have purpose?"

Bob:wtf are you talking about?

"What is your purpose?"

Bob: i dont know

"Let me show you OUR purpose"

Announcer: I guess bob couldn't taste the rainbow. i guess Kin....

He did not get to finish his sentence as bob rose up

a Mask was on his face.

King: who the fuck are you?

"Bob": the Bogeyman.

"Bob" launched a Ball of pure insanity at King. It connect and destroyed celestia. King fell to the ground. All beat up from the impact he looked up at "Bob" in fear.

King: what the fuck are you? get away from me!
King began running as fast as he could away from "bob"

"Bob": Jack be nimble

King ran into a building and up the stairs. "Bob" began running after him

"Bob": Jack be quick.

"Bob" instead of entering the building jumped on to a building next to it. King was still running up flights of stairs

"Bob": Jack jumped over the candle stick. Jack jumped high

"Bob" was facing the building seeing where king was headed.

"Bob": Jack jumped low.

King saw him too late, and screamed for help

"Bob": Jacked jumped over.... and BURNT HIS TOE

Bob lunged through the window and sliced off Kings head. King disappeared in a flash of light. The mask dissappeared and bob fell unconscious.

????: looks like we got us a white boi :Mastasmirk:

???? prepared his xenu beam when out of no where a spear came out and hit him in the face.

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PostSubject: Re: Crusades of Final Rebellion   Wed May 02, 2012 5:45 pm

lmaoooo. "Yay" ~ Groudlet. lolololol. Fucking epic. I love Groudlet. Looks like that Fruity Faggot got what came to him. I liked the insanity thing. That NIGGER MASTA HOW DARE HE ENTER THE STORY.
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PostSubject: Re: Crusades of Final Rebellion   Thu May 03, 2012 12:15 am

Chapter 4 The Masta Plan Foiled?

Masta: ehh yo was poppin white boi :Mastasmirk:

?: Retard Resurrection

Bob got to his feet feeling half of his strength returning.

Bob:Thanks veg

Veg: no problem

Masta: yo gay faggots have ur gay time later. its time to show you why they call me fasta masta bitch ass :Mastasmirk:

Mastas attack and speed are boosted

Veg:Bigedo Boost

bob and veg get a attack and defense boost

Masta disappeared into the darkness using his niggoflauge to hide.

Bob slashed at the darkness only to get a face full of xenu bombs. the blast sent him through the window and he landed on the grounded.

Veg: Hundred Account assult!

A couple of vegs appear and start using their spears to attack the shadows.

Masta: Lordlos Lips defense :loslips:
Alien teleport :mastabation:

Masta vanished in a stream of light.

Bob opened one eye to see veg coming torwards him.

"Purpose........Find OURS now"

Bob: get out of my head......

"Our purpose, without it we are meaningless"

Bob:Nows not the time to be going back and forth.

"EVERYDAY is the perfect time to go back and forth without our purpose what exactly are we? nothing but tiny specs!"

Veg: bob everything alright?

Bob: yea yea everythings fine.


masta appeared out of no where uppercutting veg

veg landed on his feet

Veg: Lucid beam!

a beam of light shots out from his spear hitting masta

Masta: aha nice try white boi but it is time i showed you MAH mighty xenu balls. AHA BEHOLD MY TRUE POWER AND BE TURNED ON SO I CAN CYBER YOU

Masta glows a bright light and becomes super scientologist level 123


Masta disappears and hits bob multiple times then does the same with veg.

Veg: shit bob we need to the the beaner brigade double trouble attack

Bob: fine but lets make this quick or else he'll run all over us

both: Beaner Brigade Supreme taco special DOUBLE TROUBLE

Veg glowed a pink color and bob glowed a blue color they both launched at masta

Masta: XENU SHIELD AHA :Mastasmirk:

Both bobs sword and vegs spear hit his shield and a explosion erupts.

They appear on the other side of masta and hold their weapons in the air


Masta: you pieces of shit...... aha.... aha.....

Masta disappeared again in a xenu teleportation beam



Veg: we can't go after him the best thing to do is make camp.

a shadowy figure that looked closely like void appeared behind them smiling.

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PostSubject: Re: Crusades of Final Rebellion   Fri May 04, 2012 11:50 pm

lmao. Wow, Masta must be really tough if it took two of us to take him down. Kinda like a boss battle. Shit, that Masta is a wily one. lol I glowed Pink.
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PostSubject: Re: Crusades of Final Rebellion   Fri May 18, 2012 10:58 pm

Chapter 5 The Void appears? Lordlos swings to the rescue!

Veg: hey void!

The darkened figure walked forward torward bob and veg

Void?: Hello.........loser.


Void? grabbed veg by the shoulders and stared at him and muttered but one thing

Void?:........Shadow thought

darkness surround Void? and veg

Diov: My name is Diov, I am not that loser Void. Now remember what has transpired here.......... and despair

Veg was helpless at the onslaught of agony he endured.


Bob:wtf void?

Diov: The names diov.........loser

bob grabbed his sword and lunged at diov hitting him with the sword

Diov: heh .......shadow encase

a shadow goo sped out from Diovs fingers encasing bob.

Bob: shit what is this?? it seems like theres less and less room per second

Diov: You're right and dead.

Bob: Looks like im in a tight situation :bobface:

Diov: Are you joking around? You're almost dead, why joke?

Bob: because im not a faggot :bobface:

Diov: di....

????: LORDLOS SMASH YOU :loslips:

short chapter im tired as fuck and sick next chapter soon (the big delay was for my ap test which is over)

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PostSubject: Re: Crusades of Final Rebellion   Fri May 18, 2012 11:14 pm

Aww. Did we die? :c
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PostSubject: Re: Crusades of Final Rebellion   Sun May 20, 2012 3:58 pm

no lol
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PostSubject: Re: Crusades of Final Rebellion   

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Crusades of Final Rebellion
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