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Feel free to make a villian up and if i like ill use it!


Biography- Cut his ties to the world and wandered gaining power and knowledge.

Powers- Insanity: emits insanity from himself, being exposed for too long can kill you

Omega Beta Shield- a hardened shield that can withstand many attacks

Omega Alpha Beam- beam that he can emit from his eyes, fingers, and hand

Omega Episilon Canon- Giant beam emitted from both of his hands at once

Omega Theta Shadow self- copies last power used by his enemy(weaker version)

Forms- will be continued when we get to that point
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PostSubject: Re: Villain Bios   Villain Bios EmptyThu Apr 26, 2012 11:02 pm


Biography: He is the complete opposite of Void he manifest his own existence throughout all of voids negative thoughts he hasn't lived as long as void making him only 19 in terms of age he has watched through voids eyes his entire life up until his existence creating itself

Appearance and personality: He is constantly laughing (Crazy sort of way) and he looks exactly like void except he is a shadow with yellow eyes (Like anti-sora)

Abilities: His shadows can manifest into any shape or form and he has all of voids experience with weapons although he only chooses to attack rapidly with his fist and since he fights hand to hand combat so often he is a far better fist fighter than void his speed surpasses void but his strength and durability does not he has a high resistance to physical attacks due to him being a mere "shadow"

Shadow thought- By looking into his eyes he can drag you into a world of shadows in which you will suffer both mentally and physically for a day (like itachis tsukuyomi) the day however goes by in real life in less than a second

ShadowVoid: A whole opens under you and you fall into it and you end up in a quick field of shadows and they all attack you simultaneously (They attack as if they were bloody needles from soul eater) you can deflect each shadow if you are quick and experience enough and once them move is over you fall out of an open shadow whole 20 feet in the sky

Shadow encase: A shadow goo drips from his fingers and it will follow you and encase around you wrapping you tight in a coffin made of shadows and once he closes his palm it will crush your body (Like Gaaras sand coffin)

shadowworld - A technique where he creates a huge ball of shadows and hurles it up to block the sun creating a extremely dark solar eclipse which gives him a field advantage and makes him faster and impairs your speed movements

objective: His only goal is to make Void suffer

Villain Bios TornadoKirbySigV2
Villain Bios VoidSignature

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PostSubject: Re: Villain Bios   Villain Bios EmptyFri Apr 27, 2012 3:11 am

Mimi Ezpinosa (or however you spell that bitches name)

The tale: Evil succubus who sucked the life out of Lordlos the holyone's dick and is the true cause behind his laspe in power and not the white man as first thought. Like the story of disney hercules, she sucked los's dick dry but didn't sap the last bit of cum from his dick before her boyfriend baggy lips caught her in the act and cheated on her with sonic lover out of revenge; preventing her from gaining his omnipotence.

Abilities: She lures men using the power of her looks and false serenity to make them vunrable to her, making you feel like she is the only girl in the world, but then she sucks you dry, sometimes through your dick (like she did with me) and sometimes with your mind making you her helpless slave (like she did with me). Her greatest weapon is her feet and their aluring smell which causes even the strongest of men to fall to their knees. She has decent fighting capabilities, and all the moves of morrigan.

Objective: To sleep with men; to steal Lordlos's omnipotance.

The jungle cunt Pikru

The horror: Is not simply a planet but rather a completely different dimension in itself. She is a more powerful version of genova, being capable of higher manipulation than genova ever could, and even the strongest of men remain under her spell for years despite the beasts horrid appearance. A sad and evil monster, that wishes to take over the universe, and make any and all people bow before her. Anyone useless to her cause for world domination she casts aside (xp, purple kirby, sky, rodax, and soon guy). After Lordlos finally escaped the cunt, the cunt grew to be even more terrible, claiming that she spat Lordlos out, and attempting to alter reality with her false demented view, but Lordlos burned her down and let the truth be free.

Abilities: Can infect people with her hairs, causing them to fall under her spell, even bigedo who is racist and hates black people with all his heart and soul fell victim to the cunts powers. Lordlos is still infected by her cunt hairs however he uses them to his advantage to become even stronger and they have no effect on his mind what so ever. All people infected by the cunt grow extremily muscular private parts however that is dependant on how long the exposure was, for instance bigedo only gained balls of steel, Lordlos gained a bigger and larger penis (having its infinate extension ability taken from it by mimi because she sucked out of him) however others such as zeldie became homosexual and had no penis extension.
Point of no return: Also known as the point of suicide. This is the point where all men(aside from Lordlos and bigedo) commit suicide or become full blown homosexuals. Only bigedo and Lordlos have made it past this point and lived, Lordlos went far beyond the point of no return, and bigedo was a little past the point of no return. The point of no return is when you fail to see the flaws in the cunt, and believe the cunt to be always in the right, and biasly fall to her whims. No man has ever been able to make it past this point without turning into a faggot or killing themselves however if one were to go past this point, they would become near to a god in power and in genitals.
Cunt hairs: The cunt hairs are capable of ripping through the fabric of time and space, creating rifts and black holes to suck you in. Her hairs block every part of her vaginal parts protecting them in a fortified barrier. When she attacks with her cunt hairs they appear to be invisible but the fishy smell is strong, if they touch you they can control your mind using electric impaulses, or hypnotize you by swirling around in front of you causing you to drift into the cunt. Her cunt hairs are strong enough to slash through planets, and as stated before creates rifts in space. Her cunt hairs move similar to vectors from elfin laid, and at the same speeds as well. Her cunt hairs are also charged with electricity
Pre cum:The cunt can also unleash electrical pre cum, that can paralyze, or possibly vaporize her enemies due to it being a combination of water and electricity.

Period: The cunt erupts, shooting off disgusting smelly magma that can burn through an entire planet.

Ultimate attack, chaos cum cannon: This occurs after the jungle cunts masturebation, using her cunt hairs to charge the nucleas of her cunt to blast a giant beam of cum large enough in mass to fill an entire "cup" which is equivelant to the entire universe. This cum is also filled with multi hyper terra wot energy electricity.

Perpose: To recapture and assimilate Lordlos the holy one back into the cunt.

Secondary ultimate attack, the neo hyper terra volt tackle: This is no normal volt tackle. The enormous cunt wraps its hairs around you as it charges into you at high speeds with the electrical force of multi terra wots. Most foes are vaporized before impact, and even if they somehow get past the electrical element, the enormous mass of of cunt would crush them, assuming the smell doesn't kill them, and assuming you are not sucked into the cunts lips and swollowed by its bottomless void.


The joke: Xenu ( /ˈziːnuː/ ZEE-noo), also spelled Xemu, was, according to the founder of Scientology L. Ron Hubbard, the dictator of the "Galactic Confederacy" who, 75 million years ago, brought billions[4][5] of his people to Earth in a DC-8-like spacecraft, stacked them around volcanoes and killed them using hydrogen bombs. Official Scientology scriptures hold that the essences of these many people remained, and that they form around people in modern times, causing them spiritual harm.
These events are known within Scientology as "Incident II",[7] and the traumatic memories associated with them as The Wall of Fire or the R6 implant. The narrative of Xenu is part of Scientologist teachings about extraterrestrial civilizations and alien interventions in earthly events, collectively described as space opera by Hubbard. Hubbard detailed the story in Operating Thetan level III (OT III) in 1967, warning that the R6 "implant" (past trauma)[8] was "calculated to kill (by pneumonia, etc.) anyone who attempts to solve it".

Within the Church of Scientology, the Xenu story is part of the church's secret "Advanced Technology", considered a sacred and esoteric teaching, and normally only revealed to members who have contributed large amounts of money. The church avoids mention of Xenu in public statements and has gone to considerable effort to maintain the story's confidentiality, including legal action on the grounds of copyright and trade secrecy. Officials of the Church of Scientology widely deny or try to hide the Xenu story. Despite this, much material on Xenu has leaked to the public via court documents, copies of Hubbard's notes, and the Internet. In commentary on the impact of the Xenu text, academic scholars have discussed and analyzed the writings by Hubbard and their place within Scientology within the contexts of science fiction, UFO religions, gnosticism and creation myth. This is mastas religion, already you can tell ho distrubed this person is. Masta believes pikrus I suck my own dick to be xenus volcano and wishes to dump his mothers ashs into the cunt so that he can capture her thetan in hopes of bringing his mother back to life. Mastas life is a disgrace, he is obsessed with his brothers horrible show the lone warrior. He gets beaten up at school and is a closet homosexual. When things seemed like they couldn't get any worse, a miracle occured. Masta found an abandoned space ship in the forest, he learned quickly how to operate it due to his religions teachings and flew it into outer space. On the ship there was an advanced gps system. He knew just then what he was going to do, he was going to take his mothers dead ashes and dip them into what he believed was xenus volcano to bring her back from the dead. He saw a huge red hairy dot on the map and knew it was his destiny. However masta requires the thetans of many in order to further his goal. Also it is stated that only a level 400 scientologist can revive a loved one. So masta sets off in his quest, with the book of xenu in hand, he shall sacrafice 277 thetans so he may become a level 400 scientologist and bring back his dead mother by dipping the earn into the legendary jungle cunt.
Level 123 scientologist: As a level 123 scientologist, masta has the ability to summon his space craft with a thought. Masta supposedly can unthink the universe however his mind is not strong enough to do so, after all he hasn't even been able to unthink his many many bullies so far.
Tin Helmet, a link to the outside world: Masta coat hanger wrapped in tin foil on his head. With this he can receive signals from his Lord and master xenu. With this helmet, masta can control machinery using the power of science technology. He weilds two emotion detectors to his head to further increase his powers making him capable of sensing peoples anger and taunting them for it; however regardless of the fact that he has never felt anger from los in his entire life what so ever, he continues to claim that he does, which makes people question if the emotion detectors work even though they do masta just ruined credability by saying everyone is mad.
Rocket shoes: Masta found some rocket shoes in xenus ship which make him move faster than the speed of sound. Using the power of the rocket shoes, he created enough wind to blow the juvie kids away in foot ball. Masta controls these rocket shoes similar to shadow with air shoes.
Spear chucking: Masta is an expert spear chucker, it is his one and only true talent. He can chuck a spear only up to 5 feet due to his weak amount of physical strength, however it is incredibly accurate and percise, gurenteed to hit its mark due to his vast amount of spear chucking ancestry.
Xenu vision: Sees all forms of vision at once, from black and white, to colored, to x ray vision.

Goal: Become a level 400 scientologist by collecting the thetans of 277 people; bring dead mom back to life.

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So Diov is basically good, not a virgin, intellegent, bilolemic, believes in god, black, not depressing, good looking, straight, and also god. You made him over powered when you said he was the opposite of you.
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Sniper S.A.M.

Sniper S.A.M. is a code name for the biologically enhanced "Super Soldier" that the military created. Through genetic manipulation, he was able to surpass the limits of a normal human.

He rides on a type of shopping cart that he's modified to suit his own needs. When he jumps into the large part of the shopping cart, it can enclose and turn into a mini-armored unit, capable of top speeds of 150 MPH in excess (ability to control and keep speed work in the same manner as a car. So the faster it is, the harder it is to control. It is able to cloak, as is he on his own. However, he is only able to cloak when he stands still, and his cart is only able to cloak when it is traveling in a straight path.

He has a scouter type visor over his right eye, enabling him to detect people via sound/echos, heat, and x-ray. His weapon of choice is a sniper rifle that is capable of piercing most objects. His accuracy is superb, he's simply the best. All his abilities are enhanced. He's stronger, and faster than 10 people, and has an IQ of 160+. His real name is Kevin Walker. His code name stands for Special Agent Monsoon. Monsoon is the highest rank given to any soldiers, it has only been achieved by 3 people before, and both of them were his parents, now deceased.

He feels that his life was decided for him unfairly, and that the death of his parents could have been avoided. He is out to exact revenge on anyone he feels hate towards.

His alternate form is easy to switch into, and out of and can be triggered at will. It can be activated and deactivated in one second. He turns into this mini, floating jet, capable of reaching speeds of 30 MPH in less than a second, and peaks at 50 MPH. However, he is unable to shoot in this form. He is able to fit into small crevices and holes, and it is capable of deploying landmines. One strategy he uses is to turn into this form, run away, and inconspicuously drop them while his opponents give chase; ending in doom for them. He has a thruster on his back that allows for brief flight, and easy to execute amazing leaps.

His sniper rifle is imbued with three attack options: 1: Scatter shot, in which his bullet breaks apart into many mini shells. 2: Explosive Incindiary rounds. And 3: The wrecking ball bullet. It is capable of knocking down immense objects, such as large boulders, or walls of solid rock, some buildings, too. And it is capable of splitting the earth beneath you (not the whole planet), causing you to be trapped by large crevices that pull away from you.

He is also equipped with an ice spreader for close combat. It's easy to flush out enemies from hiding and do what he pleases then. If he decides to spare your life, he may freeze you and trap you in a containment jar, which shrinks you down to the size of an assist trophy, and allows for easy storage or transport. The ice spreader is infused with his life energy, and thus, he is very adept at controlling it and enhancing it. He is resistant to ice.

He even creates his own tech, such as his Heracles Hammer, which is capable of knocking over entire buildings; useful for smashing his frozen foes. It has three sharp spikes on the back of it, making it also a stabbing weapon. He often uses it to pole vault, and it can be shrunken in the way that a capsule is and enlarged when he is ready to attack.

He looks like this in a way, just, more sleek, and sinister. He rarely shows his face, but when you see it... if you see it... then he means business...
You often don't even see him before it's too late. He's a stealthy fighter, and finding him isn't even half the battle.

Villain Bios CryoLegionnaire

Enemy 2: Pelca

The outcast of ESF. Enraged after being booted out of ESF after being framed by PPV, with the help of Turbo, he is out to exact his revenge against everyone. This includes Eddie, the God who shunned him from Heaven and his dominion. Pelca is Pissed you could say for sure, and what does he bring to the table? You'd be surprised.

Has exceptional reflexes. Decent speed, and the tenacity to never give up. He is deceptive, and lying. He's relatively easy to dispatch of in this form. But his second won't be so easy. In this form, he is greatly balanced. Capable of reflecting projectiles with his Ritous Brawl Squad banner. He is able to leap higher than anyone else besides Eddie himself. One attack he has is "Gloating God?", where he enrages his opponent into not being able to guard, disabling all shield techniques (but not barriers if they have already been activated, but they will dissipate after one minute due to the loss of concentration).
His "I'll take you all on" tenacity gives him great amounts of HP. He's a bit clumsy, and prone to trip, miss, or whiff. But when you piss him off... He changes...

Into JollyJosh25 Aka Pelca the Prick. In this form, his meager stats improve 25 fold. Making him a huge threat. His stats are unrivaled. He will usually beat you punch for punch due to his ability - - Tier Whore Priority. He is now equipped with a Logic Laser that makes those with extremely warped logic go insane. Abusing Los's extremely unique trait of Los Logic for example would cause Los to hallucinate in the way that Riley does every day (See Riley Logic on Wikipedia for more information). His "chew" face causes confusion as it makes you wonder why the fuck he does that. When he smirks, you cannot take your gaze off of his face, and this leaves you unaware of what his body is doing and his possible intentions (body language). He is capable of briefly dashing at the speed of sound for up to 10 meters, with a cool down time of 3 seconds.

The Jolly Joke: He is capable of going beserk for 30 seconds with a cool down time of 5 minutes. He becomes enraged and calls you a scrub constantly. His attack and speed stat are incredibly increased, and he becomes flinch resistant and is able to quickly get up after hits.

Pelca's "Paper Towel" attack raises is defense, as he is now coated in specially formulated Bounty Paper Towels that raise his defense tremendously.
His "Pelca's Porn Collection" attack is a decoy that catches the opponent's eye every time, as long as it is in their line of sight. It only works for as long as they are viewing new material from it; which, it was only one minute long before getting pulled off of YouTube.
Pelca's Summons: Summoning his mother for a Paper Towel Paper Mache army. Her face is cast over the background in the way Palutena is in Admiral Pit's Final Smash, and the Paper Towel Army marches towards the opponent. Coming in waves of 6 each time, over the course of 5 minutes. Totaling up to 500 sheets of Paper Mache soldiers.

"Kidding me Kid?" spell: Belittles you and damages your confidence; decreasing your attack sharply.

Pelca is also equipped with his now, RBS Banner Reflector 2.0. It was developed by Tulat Technology; and even has the little manufacturer logo with Tulat's ":]" symbol on it. The banner is now capable of being used offensively, and covering his whole body, reflecting any projectile attack, so long as he is not pelted repetedly. But it is extremely sturdy and it almost never breaks.

The Jolly Army: Pelca is Capable of Dividing himself into 5 Separate Accounts: JollyJosh26, 27, 28, 29, and 30. His power is not decreased, but his clones are weaker than he is, except Jolly Josh27, who is the strongest of them all. Each with their own element.
26 = Ice
27= Everything
28= Fire
29 = Light
30 = Air

Jolly Josh 27 is his ultimate form when fused with the account Pelca17. He sucks the milk out of Lynn's fat cow tetas and his true power is yet to be revealed.
He becomes... Perfect Pelca 27. His one known attack is the Super Special Scrubby Scrub Scrubber Slash: In which, he cuts into other dimensions, allowing him to pop up wherever he wants, like Janemba. (Can only be used 3 times every minute).
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XP: My mortal enemy. The New York Yankees. In particular, Derek Jeter, the Captain of the team... Ohhhh golly gee willakers. How those Yankees piss me off! They do almost nothing! They barely have any sweat! And they're often not big buff fat men feeling eachother up. It pisses me off so much! How dare they!!! THE NEW YORK GIANTS WILL NEVER SUCCUMB TO THE NEW YORK YANKEES!!! NFL > MLB


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Steven king of ponies.

A disgusting, inhumanely homosexual freak of nature who wishes force the entire world to join his cult of the HHH, horny horse humpers. He has immense hatred for lordlos since lordlos fucked all his girl friends he has ever had before he did. The only girl of his that didn't know he was a disgusting brony was diapers, who is also a disgusting fucking horse fetisher as well. Steven king hates his life and spends so much time riding horses that he developed a gut (he hates sit ups even said so) and his diet consists of apples so he can be like his horse bretheren (the apples further reducing his muscles). Steven is also a virgin, and dates females in order to hide his uncontrollable lust for male bronies like himself. Steven is also sexually atracted to female horses aswell, being pan sexual when it comes to horses, but remains a closet homosexual when it comes to humans.

Abilities: Steven rides celestia, the god of the hethan horses for travel. He has no abilities of his own except to use the power of "love" and "friendship" or as we call fiendship, to attempt to force you into becoming a horse fucking faggot like himself; his influence is very strong, if it doesn't turn you into a faggot it drives you into a blind rage. Kings main attack is to use the powers of his ponies, the only attack he does himself is by blinding you with the rainbow glow of his crown which gives you fruity vision, everything being seen in rainbows; may cause sexual confusion. If you insult one of his ponies he becomes enraged; he takes great pride in his grooming of his horses, especially since he grooms them with his mouth....everywhere.....When enraged steven will read some of his horrible novels that tell of his sexual experinces to you using the name of terry.

Erica crimson btw.Anyway, this novel is stevens ultimate attack, the only thing gayer than his fetishes, and it mentally rapes you in an illusionary shower forcing you to become a faggot mlp loving piece of /or commit suicide, if he finishes his novel. That is if you can hear it.

Objective: Turn the entire world into bronies

The After Burn

Leader of the HHH. After shit is an advid supporter of atheism, and wishes to create a communistic community. He keeps a pocket dictionary to impress people with his vernacular, and uses the same word over and over again since he does not truely understand the meaning; will sometimes make up words completely as well to hide stupidity. After burns idol is Joeseph Stalin. Afterburn is also the biggest fucking coward in the world; in a fight he will call for backup from those he deems to be powerful in battle (though sometimes he is terribly mistaken like with maple). When afterburn does have to fight, he acts in the most cowardly manner due to the fact that he has no testicles. Afterburn will resort to running, throwing, and flying doing whatever he can to escape his foe even if it kills him (quite literally since he would rather kill himself than be killed by his opponent). Is not very intellegent, only attempts to fight if he is certain he will win, but attempts to run away, or stall if he believes he is going to lose. Will make up excuses if he is chalenged to a battle he cannot win. A desperate and weak human being who will resort to throwing rocks at you if need be.

Abilities: The after shit surrounds himself with weapons, from his lazor visor over his eyes (like cyclops) to his gyro shooter(can also control his lazor visor like cyclops). He places himself in cybernetic armor which he wears everywhere and only takes off to shower in his fortified bathroom of solitude. His armor has many hidden weapons, he has a giant lazor he can shoot from his crotch area, capable of burning through entire buildings. By flailing his arms like a little bitch, he can reflect almost any projectile (nothing big like planetary destroying projectiles obviously). Has two missile launchers on his chest, making it look like he has titties, which each have the power of an atomic bomb(has multiple replacements of these inside his robotic body). Can create a force feild of cybernetic energy that completely nullifies any energy based attack, and converts it to energy he can use. Has rocket launchers for shoes, and areas that can shoot lazors on almost all parts of his body.

Ultimate attack: The after burn.
When exposed to the sun, afterburn can absorb its energy using his electronic force field and become "Afterburn deity" giving him the power, and energy of the sun he absorbed. However his technology becomes extremily unstable, and he is far too stupid to control it, so he may accidently destroy planets, or unintentional targets, but he is too powerful to destroy himself outright so he is a huge threat.

Goal: To turn the entire world into atheists, and to turn the entire world into a communisticly run community.

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Mr. Cacti Caryophyllales Pachanoi Echinopsis Rodriguez
Villain Bios Giant-cactus-mexico-image
An ancient overgrown cactus, It began it's life in the Sonoran Desert in Arizona sometime in the 700s

At age 650 One of his roots reached an unlimited source of life and blessed him with everlasting life, he has been thriving and growing bigger and stronger ever since(he may never stop growing)

and at age 1285 he began getting bored and annoyed of people taking pictures of him and getting to close to him eventually he couldn't contain the anger that was building up in him from all those years
Villain Bios OaxacaMayo2006111
That was his first victim, he couldn't take it anymore and murdered the man
he's hated everyone and everything that gets near him since that experience and prefers to be left alone.

He has developed incredible strength and decent defense through all his years of living

Normal Mode
Cacti wack: Swings one of his arms at 300 MPH and spikes penetrate into opponent
Cacti Possum: Waits for someone to get close and confortable around him and then suddenly grabs with 2 arms and squeezes with 10000 pounds of pressure

Irritated mode
Attacks: Uproot: Roots come out of the ground and attack anything in sight viciously
Echinopsis Strengthen: triples his strength
Pachanoi Defense: doubles defense

Caryophyllales mode
Ultimate Cactnado: the most powerful cacti attack, mr. cacti rodriguez comes out of the ground and starts spinning extremely fast to create a cactnado that sucks in everything within 4000 miles, also all of his spines come off and spin in the cactnado at 10000 mph
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Villain Bios Meta-Knight
....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................From the depts of hell, I am back........................................................................................I have come for los once again, and this time victory..........Shall be my destiny!!

STD, the greatest retard in the world; the king of retards. STD wears a mask to hide his cancerous skin from others, a cancer he was given long ago by Lordlos. He breathes like darth vader, and cuts himself more than void or kyle combined.STD killed himself one day to not give los the satisfaction of killing him with the cancer he gave him.However STD's immense hatred and evil surpassed that of any hell fires that satan could possibly bring his way. Satan tortured STD for a short time however this was nothing to him since the torture he beared from Lordlos was far worse than what satan could possibly throw his way.STD eventually grew bored of satans seeming vapid attempts at making him suffer and slaughtered him and the other fallen angels that interfeared.
Villain Bios 10064_18_lg

The fallen ones bowed before his might and pronounced him the ruler of hell, however this meant nothing to STD, since the only thing on his mind was the will to kill, his desire to destroy Lordlos. The barrier between the dimension of hell and earth was impossible to break, even for the most divine of entities. There is always a way to enter hell, however one cannot leave this land except without the aid of the ruler of hell satan himself, and since satan was destroyed there was absolutely no way to leave this place. However with pure determination and hatred in heart, STD shattered the barrier between hell and our dimension to enter our world with plans of finding and destroying Lordlos by any means necessary; and with the help of his minions, he will destroy anyone or anything that gets in his way. STD is a prick to his friends and enemies alike. He is sexually confused and has dreams about men touching his penis. STD is easily angered and offended and will kill off even one of his own allies as traders (trators) if they fail to accomplish his goals or upset him in any kind of way. His mispronunciation of the word "trator" confuses his allies leaving them clueless before they are decapitated. Every time STD faces a foe, he imagines it is Lordlos; he sees hilucinations of Lordlos everywhere, and sometimes spazzes out and kills more of his minions. STD is hateful, easily makes enemies, and is a sonic faggot obsessed with mk, and uses mk quotes constantly.

Abilities: STD has all the powers of Mk and Tabuu from super smash bros brawl. He gained tabuus powers from satan when he killed him to become the forbidden one, the murderer of the king of hell. STD's variations are a bit stronger however, and he can combine their move sets; for instance, STD's mach tornado varies in strength from like the normal mach tornado, to a devistating storm that clouds the skies, and makes seas rise. STD is also capable of teleporting with his cape, and can stay gone for an unlimited amount of time before he strikes, however this consumes energy physically the longer he stays gone (since the infinate cape trick can rape your fingers). STD holds knives under his cape, which he throws like ninja stars and kunai, cept they are normal kitchen knives. The knives can be enveloped with the flames of hell to deal more damege, capable of searing the planet itself. STD's sword strikes are also enveloped with hell fire; he is also capable of summoning hell fire to burn his foes, shooting them from his sword like a sword beam, or in a slash or stab towards the ground creating a flame fissure. One of STD's most prominent moves is the legendary and almighty, all powerful, all godly, down smash; even god himself fears this terrible move which moves several times faster than light to strike at foes and it sometimes capable of distorting time and space and causing small black holes. STD is capable of slashing with his blade at otherwordly speeds that defy the physics of our universe. STD is capable of flight obviously and has tabuus teleportations skills however they consume more energy than what it takes to use his cape(the cape just hurts his fingers, teleportation uses up actual energy). STD can survive in any environment virtually except that of especially holy lands due to his immense amount of evil.

Ultimate attacks
Off Waves: Basically works the same way as tabuus off waves except can be increased in power using mach tornado in unisen to create a multitude of off waves that can one hit kill if not reacted to fast enough.
Final smash: Throws his cape over his opponent to hit them with a light speed slash that hits all who touch his cape. Up close, his slash can be as devistating as a destructo disk.
Dimensional rift: Using the power of chaos sonic fag power, STD can use his cape to send his enemy into a rift that leads to the bottom of hell never to return.

Goal: Kill Lordlos
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It is I, Tom Cruise; messiah of scientologists everywhere. I am a god, and with the power of science technology, you can be one as well....

Description Tom Cruise is a dangerously insane and unstable human being; if you thought masta was bad, this mother fucker
will make you think he is somewhat rational. Tom Cruise is dyslexic, and believes that with the power of xenu, he can over come it, but has yet
to do so. Tom Cruise has persuaded many, many people to believe his bull shit; convincing them that if they join his cult, they can become shitty
actors as well. Like masta, Tom Cruise worships xenu, sharing a far closer bond with him than masta does, due to years of dillusion. It all started
when Tom Cruise was raped as a child, and hides this fact with his dyslexia. His master xenu came before him and taught him how to act in order
to persuade people to believe in the word of xenu to turn all of man kind against the one true god; he also sent him to get AA batteries. Tom
Cruise's life was changed forever, however to this day, he does not realize that xenu is the one who molested him as a child when he probed him,
which is also why xenu made him the chosen messiah destined to ruin the world.

Actor: Because Tom is such a great actor, he is capable of telling bold faced lies and seeming sencere. Tom is also known to
fign weakness, or even death, as well as other things (his heterosexuality).
Level 399 scientologist: Tom Cruise has powers far beyond that of which masta could even imagine
transending time and space. Being a level 399
scientologist, Tom could be considered by many a god, with his powers that can alter reality, time and space, or even destroy the universe, and he
has complete and utter control of them unlike masta. His manipulation skills are also off the charts, he can convince people of almost anything no
matter how fucking retarded it is. Using the temptations of foolish humans to aid him in his, and xenu's goal.
Scientologist powers
Scientologist mind trick: Advanced scientologist technique, also used by masta on skysong to have her side with the jungle cunt, however masta triggered
this out of desperation, and only through days of trying and only succeeding due to sky having an incredibly weak mind. Tom's use of this technique is far
more easily controled and utilized.Tom Cruise waves his hand over someones face and gives them a command; these commands could vary from
physical factors (such as telling someone to do something physically) or mental factors (telling someone to forget something).
This technique works on any stupid person, or weakminded individual.
Fake ass speech: Tom uses the power of his motivational speeches, to motivate retards, or simply weak minded people to follow his calling. He may use
tactics such as bringing up how scientology helped with his dyslexia even though it didn't, and will claim that he accomplished other things thanks to science
technology, even though he used something else to do so. This technique works mainly on weak minded individuals such as saky, afterburn, bozo, pikru,
and king; may work on stupid people, unless they are real stubborn, namely riley, PPV(when he gets dilusional and just belives what he wants which is often), and
reverse gear.
Time Space Manipulation: Tom is capable of warping through black holes, defying all logic and coming out where ever he likes perfectly fine. Tom can freeze time,
and alter his adversaries perception of time to being slower, or faster to such a degree that even taking a step could feel as if it takes hundreds of years.
Tom Cruise can drop people into black holes, and depending on his intention it could instantly kill them, or send them to wherever he pleases.
Telekanisis: Tom's psychic powers are capable of moving moutains, and even tearing the world in half.
Power of the stars: Tom can control, and harness the power of suns, and create a direct pathway if he needs to from whatever planet he is on to the sun
to absorb the energy and unleash it on his many enemies.
Villain Bios CRUISE20IS20JESUS
Ultimate form: Supreme Scientologist
Tom Cruise unleashes the true power of scientology, becoming what they consider a god. Tom Cruise becomes a gigantic celestial being with far greater powers than
before. Tom can shoot suns as if they were mere fire balls, and create supernovas, and generate random black holes around the enemy. Tom can summon xenu's
volcano to boil and incinerate his opponents, the lava being hotter than 100 blue suns, normally incinerating all before it even comes so much as a mile near them.

Ultimate attacks
Wrath of Xenu: Tom absorbs the power of an entire galaxy, far off in space to become a pheonix, making him immortal. He only uses this technique in extreme
desperation since although it make him inconcievably powerful as well as immortal since pheonix's can't die die, and he can revive quick due to the amount
of energy, Tom becomes pure energy, which could be contained, or absorbed, leaving him with no way to escape. The process of the transformation causes a mass
intergalactic fire storm which rages for hours.
Universal Unthink: Tom Cruise is the first, and only scientologist, capable of unthinking the universe though by level 80 people are capable, it is extremily difficult
to the point of near impossability except for those that are at their closest to level 400. Not even other level 399 scientologists are capable of this feat other than Tom
due to his intensely exceptional skills in the ways of scientology. Tom Cruise can destroy the untire universe with just a thought, however he must be in his physical
form to do this.

Goal: To capture and convert bozo, the second comming of Tom Cruise, teach him how to be an actor, and make him become a level 400 scientologist.
Reason: Bozo's intellegance = z X Turbo's intellegance + Masta's intellegance - Garos Intellegance Squared. Making him the chosen retard to become the
greatest scientologist ever.
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