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 I need you all

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PostSubject: I need you all   I need you all EmptySat Apr 14, 2012 6:17 am

to make the RPG bios for yourself, i will implement them in a new story i am making, of course if i feel like your are being cheap i will just change your shit to whatever i want.

ADD in forms in shit etc too like say you want an evil side like the hollow and shit (of course not as powerful) be as descriptive as you can be with this please.
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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptySun Apr 15, 2012 3:31 am

I am a swordsman meister. Im tactical and have great speed and agility.

My bad ass theme when I walk in

I need you all Tumblr_m3d8mvbWxA1ro7dhlo1_500

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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptyMon Apr 16, 2012 6:44 pm

That's Groudlet's theme you thieving beaner piece of shit.
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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptyMon Apr 16, 2012 8:14 pm

Background: The true leader of FinalRebellion but before he owned FinalRebellion he was the military general of a massive army and he had a strong military career going on until he casted off the military to lead his own fighting force (FR) his name is Void and he is a samurai/ex-military general he has trained among many samurai for his entire life and he is the age of 29 any battle he has lead he has never lost he is a genius when it comes to planning out battles and fighting strategies and due to being a former military general he knows many things related to military work (Using guns...defusing bombs...flying planes...etc) and one day on a mission he was forced into killing a women and a child and he hasn't stopped thinking about it ever since

Personality and appearance: He wears a white scarf to cover the bottom half of his face (his mouth nose chin etc...just look at the blackstar avi on my forum pic) a black trench coat and a ripped up white t shirt on his inner upper wear and he wears black old boots and black sweat pants (Weird attire yes I know) he has long black hair and a huge scar running down his eye he is a loner and rather not talk to people as much as possible he doesn't like hearing other inputs when he has a plan in mind and when annoyed he will express it by giving an angry yet quiet attitude although around those important to him he will become HIGHLY protective he will usually be seen with his hands in his pockets as his weapons only show up once he manifest them with a thought and he's also trained his entire life in the martial arts and he will do ANYTHING to get the job DONE

weapons: unlike other samurai void uses multiple weapons that go with his unique fighting style he will use a claymore (Such as clouds) A black katana (Such as ichigos) a white katana (Same as ichigos hollow) he considers his fist a weapon since he is a master at hand to hand combat (Each of his actual blades and such can cut steel he can make all these weapons float around him at once with his mind to use for offense and defense but he will usually be seen using the claymore most in battle )

Claymore: Used for mainly power attacks but he can swing it at incredible speeds

Black katana: Used for speed attacks but can swing devastating energy blast (Such as the getsuga tenshou)

White katana: Can be used for defense and healing his own injuries except the healing can only be used once a day

Fist: A punch of his is a boulder buster but his best feat with his fist is being able to counter attack

Attributes: Strong enough to destroy a boulder with a single punch he is pretty quick only if he has no items on him if he is carrying a bit to much he will slow down drastically his will to succeed the mission is high but he doesn't learn things the fastest and his best attribute is his reaction time and his skin is incredibly durable he has a pretty good resistance to magic spells

weakness: Women nagging and bitching at him and people trying to be beyond friendly with him his mind can be manipulated if his opponent knows enough about his past and if his enemies capture and threaten to hurt his brother gem or if any of his friends are captured for that matter he may act cold but he has a really soft heart for sob stories and he is weak against mental attacks

spells: Nothing fancy just a few shielding spells such as (BackFire: A shield comes up in front of him like Inoues shield from bleach and if an opponent hits it with a physical attack or a blast their attack is backfired at them and the damage hits them (He can only use it once a day ((protection: he encases himself in a egg like shield that can absorb all magic attacks but while he is inside the shield little damage is slowly dealt to him they are both two different spells

Omnihart - His ultimate skill where he uses all of his weapons and picks each one of them up one at a time and slicing through his opponent at the speed of lightning with each blade

I need you all TornadoKirbySigV2
I need you all VoidSignature

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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptyTue Apr 17, 2012 11:39 pm

Fuck it Bob. Look at this shit. Everywhere. This is all too much. Remember what I said? "If blah blah blah, then fuck it, I might as well say I'm Goku".
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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptyWed Apr 18, 2012 1:55 am

lol might as well be goku??? why goku

I need you all Tumblr_m3d8mvbWxA1ro7dhlo1_500
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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptyThu Apr 19, 2012 10:13 pm

But ppv you're gay and the furthest away from ever being Goku lol only reason I went so op was because apparently los claims to be stronger than God and xp can summon god and los

I need you all TornadoKirbySigV2
I need you all VoidSignature
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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptyThu Apr 19, 2012 11:40 pm

Bigedo I need you to make black rose a vault member.
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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptyFri Apr 20, 2012 1:26 am

Bob the swordsman

Background: Happy go lucky mod of FR, recruited by los for FR and the modded, has earned his spot as mod (yes conceited as all fuck hop off dese nuts) is now preparing for what adventures await him and his fellow FRians.

Weapons: a sword with a handle that can extend its range

Fists: medium strength is able to bust boulders

Abilities: Sword Slam- uses his energy to strengthen the sword and slam it down on his opponets (very strong)

Death mask summon- Dons Black Ace's death mask for a power boost (using it for too long turns him into black ace)

Sword Beam- Launches an energy beam out of his sword (medium strength)

Cure- is able to heal his allies

Swift end- a combo of quick sword slashes that leaves the enemy in a daze at the speed (low strength)

Strengths: able to enhance self, great defense and medium strength, Decently fast.

Weaknesses: Magic users give him a problem, if hit on the head with enough force brings out "Black Ace", electricity is easily able to stun him, sleep spells greatly affect him too.

Alt forms

Hes here the insane part of bob that has now taken physical shape, Black Ace

I need you all Never_Again_by_Zeurel

Background: Loyal Mod of FR's insanity has taken physical form, Black ace is a killer with no bonds, he sees no one as friend only as foe, seeing himself as the real personality Black ace tries to take over (and succeeds at times) at taking bobs body.

Weapons: same as bobs but the sword itself is covered by the black insanity

Abilities: Insanity Spears- Spear like protrusions with snake like things attaching themselves to black ace's body, can be used for travel and attack, they can morph into heads that resemble snake heads to grab things.

Insanity Ball-Draws out complete insanity to form a energy beam to launch at opponets

Same as bobs except powered up

Strengths: all of bobs but powered up

weaknesses: is more effected by magic needs to avoid itor being hit by it, severe head damage will revert him back to bob,is greatly effected to being burned and frozen these replace the paralyzation and sleeping weakness of bob, randomly goes into fits of laughter

Black Ace appears.

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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptySun Apr 22, 2012 1:34 am

Nice and neat. The way I like it Bob. I'll make mine in due time after I am done messing around with the forums some more. And I added Black Rose to the Vaulters, Los.
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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptySun Apr 22, 2012 2:39 am

:mastabation: :Mastasmirk: :Jackal: :bobface: :riley: :loslips:
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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptyMon Apr 23, 2012 1:22 am

PPV the Star Lancer

Background: An old veteran of ESF. Has been through a lot, including various World Jungle Cunt wars, and has survived through the Xatpocalypse back around 2009. Sometimes an emotional wreck; but has learned to be indifferent and mistrusting. Sort of obsessive and a flirt.

Main weapon: Star Gazer (Spear) A spear blessed by the God Garcianidas. Capable of returning to me in the fashion that my shield does (read below), has been imbued with the poison of Riley when he underwent his religious holiday of 420; meaning it has been imbued with all sorts of poisons and toxins. May cause confusion due to the effects of the drugs. If stabbed enough, you get cancer, aids, and whatever other diseases Riley probably (99% chance) has.

Armor and Helmet: Similar to shield. Made by Garcianidas.

Shield: Made of a special type of bronze blessed by Garcianidas himself, is able to return to me when thrown/lost, and does not come off without my consent due to the skill I stole from Bozo; Raging Retard Return, which makes anything this skill is targetting able to be returned like a boomerang that follows where you go. Shield is extremely sturdy and warps to conform to whatever is striking it. Say a spear head or fist attacks it, the shield will warp like Majin Buu and cover the object, making it easy to pull/disarm the opponent.

Skills: Capable of imbuing self with the power of others; just weaker versions of them. Can build little shelters for sleeping in (takes longer if there are more people that need shelter.)

Spells: Capable of casting healing spells, status spells (aiding), and a few offense spells.
Bigedo Boost: Raises Attack and Defense power. (Multi-target).
Bigedo Brain Boost: Raises Magical Might and Magical Mending. (Multi-target).
Lucid Barrier - prevents status ailments as well as creating a force field around me with the letters "E-S-F" transparently floating around.
Gender Bender - Allows me to change into the Furious Bi-curious mode.
Hundred Account Arsenal - Allows me to assume the identity of an enemy (think Poo), but attacks only using what I've seen; only works on basic enemies, like Masta and Riley (altho Riley is not an enemy).
Lucent Beam - Shoots out a ray of light that inflicts a burn on the enemy, as well as doing damage.
Bear Grylls Remedy - Able to cure self or allies of status afflictions/ailments.
Retard Resurrection: Stolen ability from Masta and Bozo. Capable of reviving teammates at half max HP.
It restores full HP to retards such as Mario, Masta, Bozo, and Riley. :riley:
Water Wisdom - Capable of manipulating water and ice.
Moonlight Saber: Imbues weapon with the power of the moon, allowing me to steal enemy's HP with each attack.
Lunar Apparatus: Protects mind from being taken over. Also makes me resistant to fire even more so thanks to the moon being the opposite of the sun whilst being cloaked.
Summons: Michael Scalianidas, Eddie Garcianidas, Linkr the Leader of Los Light Legions, Pelca the Prick, JollyJosh27, and Lilo.

Capable of summoning Turbo, too, but he does nothing.

Attributes: Strong, moderate speed (equipment weighs me down), HP is moderate, stamina is lacking, will power is great. Quick to learn, and capable of imitating a lot of what I see.
Weaknesses: XP's Sweaty Football Player Rush Summon. Chasing opponents. Flirts. Is naive and trusting still, despite learning to be mistrusting. Being swarmed. Lolis.

Alternate Form: Furious Bi Curious form.

When PPV suddenly goes crooked. First appearance was when I tried imitating XP and stole his Bi skill.
Arsenal: No weapons, no armor. Speed greatly increases. And is capable of spamming grabs non-stop.
Ghetto Green Gang: Able to summon mini White/Black/Latino Green Beasts capable of helping me grab my opponent.
Cuddle Complexion: Cuddles with you, causing your attack and defense to drop. May cause confusion. Causes attraction to faggots like XP (XP [or other fags] becomes inflicted with attraction like in Pokemon).
Bigedo Barrier: Raises defense of self and allies by 50%. Effect is tripled on those who are crooked like XP. May cause confusion to those sexually unstable like Masta.
XP impersonation: Capable of copying XP and half of what he does. It is super effective against Groudlet, Bozo, and Turbo.
Both Bigedo Boost and Bigedo Brain Boost.
Bigedo Beam: A swirling rainbow colored beam imbued with a random element (since it is rainbow).
Weakness: Lolis, girls, anything that makes me want to stop being the Furious Bi-Curious. Foot pics of girls.
Alternate form: Over-tired PPV.
When HP reaches below 10%, I go into over-tired mode. In this mode, my speed becomes retardedly fast for no fucking reason at all, and my evasion goes up to 75%, why? Because I act like a fucking unpredictable retard.

Arsenal: No weapons, drops shield, armor stays on, and helmet.
Abilities: Capable of using kamikaze terrorist bomb attacks. Capable of sacrificing myself to revive teammates (affects all teammates and heals the ones already alive). Is completely immune to lolis and sexual desire.
Weakness: Anything with sleep. Staying still for too long. People being boring in Skype calls/conversations. May become bored and randomly attack teammates or not do anything.
No spells:

Ultimate form: Centurion Wiki Wonders Currently undefined. The only information available is that he is equipped with an encyclopedia that details the opponent's stats, abilities, D.O.B., and other information.

PPV specializes in the art of Light, Water and Ice, as well as Moon Magic. :Lumina: :Undine: :Luna:

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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptyTue Apr 24, 2012 5:27 pm

And I'm Goku.
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PostSubject: Sky the Eccentric Dildo Loving Whore   I need you all EmptyTue Apr 24, 2012 6:47 pm

Background: Member of FR. Has gone through many trials and tribulations of the Internet as well as teh REAL WURLD, but then eventually suceeds and has a happeh life n' shit. Likes gaming, drawing and the usual schtuff. Will one day rule the galaxy with her two cats and stegosaurus army. Hopes to become a comic book artist one day. :3


SpaceHammerX- Surprisingly lightweight but deals alot of damage. Releases electricity on impact; can move around and fly on its own, though it can be controlled when needed. Oh and it talks, too. It has a deep voice...And it has feelings. =3=

ReiKonScroll: Can be used to summon various drawings and objects and bring them to life


Artist's Blocks: Can be summoned with the ReiKon Scroll, sends out a flurry of plasma blocks in hundreds. It's not very strong, but does its job quickly with a fair amount of damage.

Gravity Swing: Swings the Spacehammer with a a large amount of force, somewhat slow and has a chance to miss, but does alot of damage

Masta of the Dildos:Whips out a giant dildo that is shaped like masta and uses it to hit people. :Mastasmirk:

Pit Pussy Present: Uses her pit pusses to squirt cooch milk to drink, the calcium gives a attack boost. :Dryad:

Electricity Smash: Smashes spacehammer on ground, releasing electric waves all around it. Does a medium amount of damage.

Spacehammer's Will: Spacehammer flys on its own and attacks the enemy itself (can also be used in unison with Artist's Blocks)

Flight: Ability to ride on the Spacehammer and fly.

Otaku Ray: Fires a ray of various anime objects from ReiKon Scroll, does some damage, but never misses.


Taunt: Lowers enemy's defense

Strawberry Soda: Drinks random ass strawberry soda and gains attack boost

Cheer: Raises team's defense


8bitGoggles: When equipped, can see past enemy's defenses and pinpoint spots especially prone to electric shocks. (Has a chance of doubling the damage of Electricity Smash)


Soul Bullet: ReiKon Scroll draws a giant metallic machine gun, then it releases a large ray of light; dealing an incredible amount of damage

Electronica Quake: Spacehammer gathers electricity from around the world and smashes itself on enemy, does a huge amount of damage.

Creativity Boost: Boosts all stats of everyone in team by 20.


Muffin the Cat:
attacks: Furious Claw: does alot of damage but mainly reduces enemy's defense by 20.

Button the Cat:
buffs: Yarn Defense: Defends team with a force field made of yarn.....Don't ask how. raises teams defense by 20

attacks: Extinction: Releases a mighty ray of fire from its mouth, dealing a generous amount of damage
buffs: Rawr Chant: Raises team's attack by 10.

Stats: (range goes from 1 to 5)
Defense: ++
Speed: +++
Attack: +++++
Magic: +++

Theme Song (I have too many so I chose this one xD):

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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptyWed Apr 25, 2012 11:21 pm

Revised AGAIN.
Due to everyone in fr being jealous of my swag, and keeping me down because the majority of this chat is racist white swine, I lordlos am now nurfed, my true power has been sealed by the ability "White devil" forcing my powers to be nullified to an extent. However I still retain the powers from the jungle cunt, that being my penis (which is also sealed because of the white man being gay and touching all over my penis). I am still the great and holy one you all know and admire, and my background is the same as what was posted before, I shall post it here once again.

I need you all 67831-1680x1050-codegeass-lelouchlamperouge-widescreen-zero
I need you all 292585_310890692315890_130052217066406_721185_171345393_n
I need you all 373810_215652848506342_130052217066406_501770_679563129_n
I need you all 377747_215652865173007_130052217066406_501771_1574013904_n

The legend: I am Lordlos, the holy one. Chosen one of the three deities of omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresents, I Lordlos the holyone am blessed with the power of omnipotance to use as the chosen savior to free this world from its self imprisonment and destruction caused by atheism. However my personality traits clash the efforts of my goals. Sexual deviant; somnophiliac; foot fetisher; omni troll (trolling or mind gaming people until their incapable of rational thought); gigantic balls (making me incredibly bold and straight forward angering atheists when I state the obvious flaws in their hethan beliefs); Satan (reffered to by tulat); Hitler (as referred to by admiral pit); not a good person (as reffered to by after shit); abusive almighty authority (as referred to by masta); and worst of all a god master champion king grand zen master (too much swag, makes everyone jaundiced and mad); imfamous (so much to the point that the fr tag is like a nazi symbol to them). I am the sole survivor of the jungle cunt, just as sephiroth survived his journy through the life stream, and resisted the control of the genova cells with sheer will power, I lordlos the holyone made it through the cunt on scathed, or I should say ungayed. I am the only male that has been infected by the jungle cunt that retained my heterosexuality. Bigedo was not in contact for too long which is why he is only bi curious, however I dwelved deeper than anyone has, far beyond the point where people like zeldie and boom and any normal man would contemplate suicide. Albiet that zeldie and boom are weak ass men, regardless I journyed into depts which would cause immediate destruction to the mind and body, however I did suffer a migrane.

Resources: My army of pokemon that I freed from the jungle cunt, I trained them and raised them well, only the strong survived through the long a hellish torture of the cunt....All of my pokemon that I use are trained to the maximum level, and have perfect ivs and evs in the stats that I found suitable.

Attire:Reds clothes(occasionally lelouche's clothes and zeros armor), for as a professional pokemon trainer, I must keep up with tradition.

Pokemon master: As a pokemon master, I am a master tactition learning from the great pokemon battlers during my time in the cunt (shofu, elo, some pokemoshpit battles ect.) and being a pokemon master I know all about breeding and raising my pokemon (although many of the pokemon I found in the cunt were already at level 100, but I've actualy had experinced ev and iv training them legitly).
Master tactition: Being a pokemon master, and due to pokemon battling being very stategic, I am incredibly skilled in the art of deception, mind gaming, and other such stratagies that I utilize inside and outside of pokemon, being capable of out thinking even the most intellegent of minds (bigedo, void(albiet not such a great mind), aftershit(mostly just good grammar not such a great mind), wiki (even though it is just bigedo but more pretentious) and although not intellegent but very manipulative due to my teachings, the jungle cunt herself)
Extremily "blessed" (lucky for you swag haters): Pokemon also has some luck involved, but my luck does not only apply to that however. My incredible luck allows me to gain critical hits 80% of the time, and even low accuracy moves hit.
Black people speed: Works like instant transmission except I cannot move through solid materials.
White devil: Because everyone is racist and hating on my swag, my abilities have been nurfed so I am reduced to a mere pokemon trainer, however I got some power in the you soon shall see.

My stats: All of my abilities are lowered due to the white man keeping me down, however I do have special items and atributes that raise my power a tad.
Lelouche's cape: This cape acts as a shield, is bullet proof, elemental proof, and can turn into wings, and is made of titanium, acting as a great shield for me.
Reds hat: Prevents sun burn, and hides my facial expressions making me harder to predict, also intimidating the opponent despite my lack of physical capabilities due to the white man.
Survial in any area: Due to my intrapment in the cunt, and my long exposure to her disgusting periods, I am capable of surviving in any and all environments, even in black holes since that is what is between her lips basically.
My speed and attack force are that of a normal human however.

Flaws: Practically human because of the white man holding me down. When all of my pokemon faint I pretty much cannot do shit because of the white man. Becomes distracted easily by the barefeet of atractive girls.

I need you all 6854083m
I need you all 2f94063df762e4fc161c7e92f26db03c

Alter ego DarkLordlos the blasphemous one.
Is triggered when someone I care about dies or is hurt, or when I am determined to destroy an enemy at all costs losing myself to my darker half, an entirely different mind all together. May sometimes be triggered at will.

Alternate personality description: Could be confused with being insane due to the aloof and sometimes meniacal nature of this form. However this form never shows any sort of negative emotion visibly, and always speaks and behaves in a calm manner (except when laughing). Even in defeat(if possible) this form retains its posure and never shows any signs of pain or displeasure. Is sadistic, unpredictable, but not truely evil. DarkLordlos would never attack allies at least not unless the origenal wished to do so even if he is being attacked by them, he will either take the blow or evade. He will however toy, and play with peoples heads, taunting them friend or foe about personal tortures that pleague them(Due to the power of the unknown, he can see the darkness in peoples hearts and identify their weaknesses emotionally) though he mainly attempts this with allies or friends when they are attempting to hinder his goals, whatever those goals may be; may use it on foes to read their thoughts and predict their actions however he deems this unrequired at times and mostly does it for fun.

Same resources and attire as before.

Shadow pokemon: All of my pokemon become shadow pokemon, their attacks are the same as before however they all turn into dual shadow type moves(like for instance a shadow charizard uses flame thrower, it is a fire type and a shadow type move or you could say all the moves of the pokemon become shadow versions of themself. If the shadow flame thrower were to hit a water type, it would do nutral damege because of the dual typing of the move, however the typing also applies to anything outside of pokemon as well, being super effective on non pokemon as well as pokemon); all hits are critical hits as well.
Lost silver: When an opponents eyes lock with mine, they become trapped in the lost silver creepy pasta, going through the same events as the player gold, regardless of their powers and abilities, in this world they can only have their half dead pokemon to defend themself, and are given a false hope of defeating me becoming more convincing as I appear to be beheaded bringing great joy to foes who hate me a lot, however....well you know how the story goes.... This ability can only be used from a distance of 25 feet or less however.
Unknown: I can use the power of the unknown outside of battle as well, controling them using their abilities to send me and the opponent to alternate dimensions for unspeakable perposes not meant for this world...
Soul search: Using the power of the unknown, I can pear into your soul and view all of your personal fears.

Stats: Mostly the same however I have somewhat of a barrier over me which works similar to akumas dark hado (repelling bullets and such) allowing me to force enemies away from me with just my will, however it is not inpinitrable and is in fact weaker than most barriers, but it initially strong when I first transform. Speed can seem infinate due to the power of the unknown, however that is just their reality warping abilities at play and not my actual speed.

I need you all 6855377m
I need you all 124452
I need you all 1221800488074
I need you all 486763
I need you all 85487

Alter Ego Los~

Triggered to throw the enemy off gaurd causing confusion, charm, infatuation, or all three to the enemy as soon as he appears.

Description: An unusually nice version of Lordlos, who is not rude in the slightest no matter what is said to him. Is very charming due to his demeaner; and gives helpful advice. Is obnoxiously happy all the time, even when he shouldn't be, constantly saying nice things that are not normally said by Lordlos himself.

All the resources of Lordlos.

Skills: Same abilities as Lordlos; Adorable: being the most adorable in the chat while in this form, I decrease the attack of my foes, or I might confuse them because of the sudden change, or cause infatuation regardless of gender, or possibly all three. Friendly fire causes my allies to become enraged and increase their attacking force.

Flaws: May not finish off opponent, and may attempt to try and make them turn good instead. Annoys allies despite his effectiveness, may cause them to attack him unless they are female allies then they just attempt to rape him.

I need you all SaferSephiroth2
I need you all PT-AM465_GOD_co_DV_20090909211040-1-1

Code 999, the holy trinity. Lordlos the holyone is unlocked.

Becomes able to use legendary pokemon, with all of their stats sharply risen (doubled) even when switched out, as well as the legendary negro ninja (ninjask baton pass set) to boost their stats to further levels and can protect the party, and hide the entire party behind substitutes.
Can use the special powers of legendaries that are not utilized in game (such as celibis time abilties).
All pokeballs become golden.

Stats: Physically invincible, cannot be defeated or even touched, but also cannot fight, can only use pokemon to fight, and can only be defeated once my pokemon party is defeated.

Flaws: Cannot actually fight despite having unlimited power, fades away if team is defeated and cannot be revived for the rest of fight.

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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptyFri Apr 27, 2012 6:40 pm

I am AAK i was born in a family who expected me take over the family business

was raised only to becime the next in line so was treated differently one day playing with his friends he saw a girl getting chased by guards

she had been running from them for week and fell onto the floor while AAK had no courage to stop her something was odd

his eyes had changed and his face went form covardy to serious

he picked up this great sword and helped this girl.

the girl had told him that her viallge was destoryed because she had powers

similar to the ones AAK has used while a general watched he looked on and claped his hands saying

how his experiment was working nicely worreid about the girl aak took her and FLEED

not thinking for a moment about the dangers all he cared for this stray girl to be safe

although at times he felt homesick but now hearing there were more people captured they head

together to see what is going on and what experiment?

was it destiny or was it planned? to awaken true powers?


only began to realise the power he has still needs to be fully awaken

during their metting with an old man who spots a certain glow on the heros he tells them all about the job system.

he sees that AAK has the power of crystals and teaches him how to use the shards as specific and shows him the job classes

Best power would be



although he can change his powers depending on how he has trained on his other classes.


when pushed to the limit a red glow appears a surge of power and he only has this boost for 30 seconds

if he can land a hit he can connect a Eagle Ruins! (consists of half of ruca and lloyd falcon chreasg and hells ruin)

Theme music

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PostSubject: Re: I need you all   I need you all EmptySat Apr 28, 2012 11:43 pm

Groudlet wanted me to help him with his bio, as well as type it up. I made up most of it.

I need you all Groudlet

Groudlet is half the size of a full-grown Groudon. He spends most of his days drinking beer and he dips his cookies in the beer.

He lives in a cave in the Mojave Desert and he has a home brewery, where he makes Groudlet's Homemade Beer in his cave. It's really special, and it's the best tasting thing ever; Groudlet's Home Brewery Buckaroo Beer.

Groudlet has two dual pistols that shoot out his soul energy. He can imbue them with the element of fire, or ground. Groudlet is capable of harnessing energy from the sun. He is also able to make water evaporate if he wishes, making it hard for him to be struck by water.

He rides on his trusty steed, the Legendary Poncho Mole, which has been genetically altered so that it is 100 times stronger and faster than the average Mega Mole. Being able to lift small to medium houses, and run up to 70 MPH, but the acceleration is a bit slow. Poncho Mole has a massive amount of HP, and thick skin, making his defenses and durability off the charts. As if that weren't enough, he also has a type of chain mail, imbued with the fine craftsmanship of the Groudlet forge. Groudlet can create his own weapons and smelt metals with his fire breath. He pounds on the metal with his tail to harden them, and as for cooling, he pours his refreshingly ice cold Groudlet Beer on the metal to cool it. And that's basically how Groudlet forges weapons.

His beer has healing properties in it, and he doesn't get drunk. He also has cacti inside and around his home cave.

Special Abilities:
Groudlet is capable of playing the piano, and singing, which when used, it increases his mental focus, raising his magic/special attack, and magic defense/healing (including his beer, which changes to a rainbow color, indicating that it is more potent and now has an alcohol content of .3).

Groudlet's attacks:
Include Hill Billy Joe stomp attack, which allows Groudlet to shake the ground beneath you and make you fall, allowing him to stomp on you repeatedly before body slamming you (has a 30% chance of paralysis on opponent).

Solar Wind: Groudlet summons extremely powerful wind, and it's scorching hot. Makes it hard to breathe for opponents, as it burns their body, and damages their lungs and throat.

Solar Flare: Groudlet thrusts his hands outward, as if slashing with both at the same time, swiping inward, and extremely hot lava/fire comes out of them and spreads in an X formation.

Hill Billy Joe Dance: Groudlet dances around and creates after images.

Groudlet Dig: Groudlet can dig underground.

Beer Brewer Blessing: Groudlet pours beer on himself or allies to heal them, then he throws the bottle at the opponent for light damage.

Eruption: Groudlet points his mouth skyward and launches ferociously hot molten rocks towards the sky, that then rain down hell from above.

Groudlet's pistols are capable of homing in on his opponent as well as traveling underground, causing the opponent to be unsure of where they'll pop out of.

Dorrito Stars: Groudlet sends out a flurry of dorritos that slice his opponent. The effect they have depends on the dorrito he used. Cool ranch will freeze his opponent. Nacho cheese will decrease his opponent's speed, as well as leave a cheesy scent on them, allowing Poncho Mole to easily track hiding opponents. Spicy Nacho Cheese inflicts a burn on the opponent, as well as making them smell, but to a lesser degree. Spicy Sweet Chilli inflicts a more mild burn on his opponent, as well as causing their attack to drop: it may also attract beasts to attack those covered in the sweet scent. Dorrito Mix - Causes a fusion of all the afflictions, but to a lesser degree.

Poncho Mole's Abilities: Top speeds of 70 MPH. Acceleration is a bit slow. 100 times stronger than the average Mega Mole. Special armor as listed above, lifts houses, etc.

Poncho Mole's Abilities:

Poncho Rage: Sharply raises Poncho Mole's attack.

Poncho Meteor: Poncho Mole jumps into the sky, and then targets his opponent and crashes into them; if it misses, he burrows under ground and keeps the momentum so he can pop out beneath them. Accuracy improves if they are covered in Nacho Cheese scent.

Poncho Roll: Poncho Mole rolls into a ball and runs over/bowls over his opponent.

Groudlet's alternate form/ultimate form: Eternal Robot Guardian

Groudlet's skin turns into the hardest metal Groudlet's forged; his defense skyrockets, and his HP. He is able to call upon new powers.

Powers: All as before, including new ones.

Groudlet Defense Mechanism: Groudlet screeches loudly; it is deafening and disorientating. You suddenly become unable to control your body easily and are easily knocked over and off balance. You are also incapable of using your sense of hearing. Is super effective vs Masta.

Groudlet's Blade of the Ground: Groudlet uses a sword that he made when he dug deep into the Earth's core, where he used the heat to forge this sacred blade. There was an original one, but it was never this powerful. Groudlet took that original blade that was passed down through Groudon generation to generation and used the instructions that the Groudon Gods have shown him.

Groudlet's Ultimate Attack: The 100 Acre Woods - - Groudlet summons the energy from the 100 Acre Woods and launches a ferocious blast of energy that affects anyone regardless of types or immunities. It has a sticky after-effect; the honey from Pooh Bear causes you to become trapped. It also increases Poncho Mole's ability to track you down. If not treated in time, the honey crystallizes, and you become frozen in the amber-like-coating.

Poncho Mole's ultimate form: The Skullasaurus.

The Skullasaurus is imbued with the power of the 100 Acre Woods. And when he is present (which he should always be), Groudlet's 100 Acre Wood attack's power is doubled.

Skullasaurus Crater: The Skullasaurus Poncho Mole traps you in an inescapable crevice (the crevice traps you for only 1 minute). It is rather large, though, so plenty of room for evasion and stuff. The only way you can get out after that minute is up, is to ride through the honey jar that lies in the center. Once in, you are teleported out of the crater.

The Skullasaurus Illusion: You become confused with where the Skullasaurus truly is and you can only see in front of you for 10 meters, as you see a reflection of what's behind you at the 10 meter mark, and everything is distorted.

(Most of this is a reference to Winnie The Pooh's Grand Adventure).

Groudlet specializes in the art of Fire :Salamando: and Ground. :Gnome:
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Gem bio : He is voids little brother two years younger to be exact he and Void parted ways when Void joined to be a military general and hasn't seen him in 5 years in those five years he trained with a sword master to become profound in using a sword and shield and once he reunited with void, Void trained him for a whole year in how to use his fire element powers and he then joined Voids elite force (FR)

Attributes: Decent physical strength, lightning speed, great agility and decent reaction time

weakness: Water users, and annoying people

Sword and shield: He has trained for five years using these two weapons and he is very good with a sword and his sword can pierce many steels and his shield can block many attacks even some magic

inferno: He surrounds his body in a circle of fire to keep out incoming attacks and this can also be used offensively

wave of fire: he shoots a whole wave of fire out of his hands and the wave is about 45 feet wide and 40 feet tall

Heal: He can heal about half of his wounds but can only use it 3 times a day

Fire shield: He can encase his shield in fire increasing its defense

Fire blade: He can surround his blade in fire increasing its attack
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Pokemon team for tourny ark.

Naruto the nine tails(Not actually my nine tail's name I wish I nick named it Naruto though)
Item: Left overs
Ability: Drought(dream world)
Skills: Has durable special defense making it hard to hurt with moves that are not physical, high hp, slightly below average physical defense and attack power which is useless to it since it has no physical moves. Above average special attack and good speed.
Moves:Nasty plot(doubles special attack power) solar beam (requires no charging due to sunlight being out due to drought) fire blast (boosted by half of its power due to sunlight boosting the power of fire type moves by half) hidden power ice I assume (super effective against dragons, or any reptile in general really).
Strategy: Mainly for getting sunlight up, if things look bleak I may switch it out, or leave it in til it faints if I think it can take out the opponent, or that the opponent can't change the wheather.

Aero, Aerodactyl (My lead pokemon, as in I send this one out first)
Item:Focus sash(prevents it from being killed in one hit unless dameged previously)
Ability: Pressure (The opponent uses up twice as much energy trying to attack aero)
Skills: Hard hitting attack power, average hp, weak defense but not patheticly weak, slightly higher special defense, weak special attack which is not used, and phenominal speed being its best stat, making it outspeed most opponents moving far faster than the speed of sound considering pigiot can move at mach 5 and pigiots speed is shit compared to aerodactyl.
Moves: Stealth rock (rocks fly out of nowhere and hits enemies as they make their entrance, or after they come back from any sort of teleportation) Taunt(enraged enemy making them unable to fight in any way that doesn't involve attacking), earthquake (creates an earthshattering earthquake that could break the bones of many who dare set foot on the ground inside of its cercomferance) rock slide (summons a tsunami of rocks out of nowhere using the force of its wings, may do more damege if actual rocks are avaliable somewhere).
Strategy: Suicide lead; meant to set up rocks and to either enrage foe, or damege them badly before being defeated. May switch out if I believe I will have use for it later.

Babymama the blissy
Item: Left overs
Ability: Natural cure (heals baby mamas stat problems when it is switched out)
Skills: Disgustingly weak attack power(useless) weak physical defense, average ass special defense that is not used, extremily high special defense, weak speed but is not entirely slow, godlike hp greatly making up for its weak defense.
Moves: Softboiled (heals half of hp) seismic toss (takes away a third of an average foes health, except with bulky foes may only take a forth, ignores attack stat and is fixed damege) thunder wave, aromatherapy(heals entire parties stats problems).
Strategy: Use to wear down opponent and heal team, and is also a great wall because it is so hard to kill, non physical moves do vertually nothing to this thing and I mean FUCKING NOTHING, when bigedo had plus 6 special attack on jarachi, and used a stab move, it didn't even take an 8th of my health.

Item: Leftovers
Ability: Chlorophyll(doubles speed in sunlight making it move far faster than light)
Skills: Weak attack power, average physical defense, a decently above average special defense, high speed boosted even further by chlorophyll, even higher hp (excluding chlorophyll)
Moves: Leech seed, substitute(creates basically a shadow clone of itself using its own hp except its real self is nowhere to be seen until that substitute is defeated, since this is outside of the game the substitute looks exactly like itself, it can also use substitute on me and since my pokemon communicate telepathicly, no one will know if I use it) Bounce(jumps up to unreachable hights and then comes charging down at blinding speeds, may paralyze foe) sleep powder (has good accuracy due to practace, there's a reason it is named chloroform she's a pro)
Strategy: Put opponent to sleep, sap health with leech seed, set up a substitute at some point if possible perhaps even before seeding or sleep powdering(depends on what I anticipate the foe to do) and bounce to keep jumpluff safe from its attacker if it ever wakes up as well as leaving it safe behind a sub if its attacker even gets a chance to attack considering they might not wake up, or if they do they become paralyzed along with having health sapped from them and left overs giving me more health to replace what substitute took)

Excalibur AKA Serperior, final evolution of snivy.
Item: Left overs
Ability: Contrary(anything that weakens excaliburs stats like say if he gets an injury which hinders attack force or speed, he becomes faster or stronger depending on what atribute was hindered).
Skills: Weak attack which is unused, Decent defense, far above average special attack, and around the same special defense as defense, is even faster than jumpluff without chlorophyl, decent hp.
Moves: Leech seed, leaf storm, giga drain, hidden power fire.
Strategy: Leech seed for an extra way to gather health along with giga drain, leaf storm which is supposed to drastically decrease special attack but ends up doubling it again and again each time it is used until the third time when it has 6 times its origenal special atacking power, hidden power fire for the sun boost and for veriety against foes weak against fire.

.........Liu kang
Item: Normal gem(boosts the power of one normal type move)
Ability: Unburden (speed is doubled once its item has been used up, in this case normal gem which I tend to replace after every fight it is used)
Skills: Average hp, dramaticly high attack power, poor physical defense, insegnificant special attack, high special defense, and above average speed which is boosted to rediculous levels after unburden far past the speed of sound.
Moves: Fake out(immediatly causes foe to flinch, making them unable to attack, goes first before anything) Hi jump kick (Hi risk, hi reward move, if it misses liu kang loses half of his hp, but liukang never misses since he is liu kang....bitch) blaze kick, stone edge.
Strategy: Use a boosted fake out empowered by the normal gem making it an unavoidable gurantee for the speed boost by unburden as normal gem is used up. Speed is doubled as liu kang becomes the fastest thing around, being strong enough to devistate many foes.

Pokemon in pc ATM.
I need you all Dfb03e19
Bozo king
Bio: Unlike most pokemon, bozo is not limited to 4 moves. Unlike most pokemon bozo also has a story...a long and tragic story of turmoil......In the projects of canada, two meth heads out at a party one night. Both of them were dudes and in their drug induced state, they mad disgusting love in a filthy public bathroom. One of them took a shit in a toilet and out came a shit baby. The receiver was use to this occuring and was ready to flush it, however the man in the shit packing fuck fest stopped him as they took the time to take a look at the shit baby. It had a face like bozo the clown. They decided to keep it and name it bozo. Picking up the baby with a net, they took it to a lab to give it life, splicing it with a hedgehog. The baby at a certain age realized it was not normal to have to daddies, and learned of the awful way he was born, became emo, and is now in the form you see before you. Bozo is a violent, angry child almost completely devoid of thought. He tends to have night terrors, and day terrors while awake and will lash out and scream randomly. He escaped the mental institution and roamed the wild for years, until he came accross the almighty omnipotent deity Lordlos, and wa soundly defeated and captured in a dusk ball. Bozo is a mindless idiot who simply does as he is told for the most part unless someone around as retarded as he is comes along, making him not very loyal or reliable.
Item:Chaos emerald(allows bozo to freeze time, and boosts the power of his air shoes in normal combat).
Ability: Good head (Makes bozo obedient to whomever his master may be, however may turn against his master for someone who agrees with his retarded views; may suck his masters dick constantly when unwarnted, and constantly ask for his masters attention)
Skills: Slightly above average hp, high attack power, below average physical defense, extremely low special attack due to his lack of brain cells, and extremily low special defense due to his gullability, extremily high speed that rivals sonics. Basically all the powers and abilities of shadow.
Moves: Cock sucked spear(throws a wet spear of energy that feels like a wet dick slapping against you, and because of the energy you are also electricuted on contact); The bozone(Bozos chaos rift which sends you into his brain, which is basically a black void that rips you apart atom to atom slowly and painfully as you die hearing his retarded ass thoughts which is the true suffering behind the void); bozo blast(bozo throws a giant tantrum creating a gigantic sound wave that obliverates all caught in it, and destroys the hearing of those within a 50 mile cercomferance of it (thankfully Lordlos has a sound proof cape)); Lack of homo control(bozo freezes time and violates his male opponent uncontrollably and sexually cybering for 2 hours while time is stopped, sucking their cock, then once time returns back to normal, they find their cock as been turned to stone from all the sucking as it falls off and breaks); weapons(bozo has a plethora of guns, knives, explosives, and for some reason, a superflous motar cycle that he just runs into people and explodes with).
Ultimate attack
I need you all F93437ee
retard reminisce(When given the code word retard reminisce, bozo remembers how he was born and goes on an insane rampage, attacking all who stand in his way, screaming and shooting anything in sight aside from his master, calling them ghey as he attempts to kill them sometimes in retarded ways such as stabbing people with pencils.

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Name: Unknown.
Nickame: Tulat
Age: 19
Height: 6'1
Weight: 152lb
Also known as: David, Yuji, Snake, Ike, The brother of Light.
Ethnicity: Caucasian

This is my theme, so go ahead and listen to it as you read.

Due to the potential of his abilities, Tulat has been targeted by assassins and researchers throughout his life.
He remembers nothing about his family as he has always been alone as far as he remembers.
As a result, he used to believe only in power and trusted no one but that has changed.
Tulat prefers not to, but will kill anyone who stands in his way.
While fighting, he invokes fear but also reminds the enemy they can run away and he won't chase them.
Unless of course, he is after them.

Much of his past is unknown, but Tulat mentions that he once had a "normal name" which has yet to be revealed.
Tulat as a child couldn't fit in with the other children due to his powers, harming those that tried to get close to him.
Despite what bullies, adults, or city security tried, they were powerless against his vector changing ability.
This has made him something of a loner and distrustful towards other people.

~Part of the story or whatever~
Tulat is a lone wolf who prefers being alone most of the time.
He has little to no friends at the beginning, but that may change during the story.
Tulat is not necessarily a Good guy, but he is not evil either.
He helps those in need usually, but doesn't go out of his way to help them much.

Tulat's ability creates a thin field of AIM around him, which allows him to modify the vector values of anything he touches.

Redirection: He can change the vector values of anything by touch; for example, he's killed people by reversing the flow of blood inside her body after putting his finger inside her wound. Furthermore, this ability is automatic, so projectiles like bullets or explosives have no effect on him, as they will be redirected, even if he is unaware of their presence. He must consciously allow things like gravity and light to affect him.

Earth Stomp: Using the vectors behind his feet, he causes a little explosion made of earth and rocks to attack his opponents.
He can also use this to propel himself forward, to seemingly extend the applied force to other surfaces as well from the initial stomp, such as shattering multiple windows of a building nearby. The maximum range that Tulat can extend it to is unknown.

Vector Shooting: By touching an object, he can use his ability to change the magnitude of vectors he comes in contact with. This allows him to change the vectors of objects in such a way that he can turn them to projectiles. An example of the use of this ability would be when he lightly kicks a rock to make it shoot like a bullet, or when he stomps on train rails to push them out of their sockets, and lightly knocks on them to make those rails rain upon an enemy. This ability also allows him to mimick superhuman strength, as he once used it to pick up and throw a building.

Wind Control: He can re-vector the surrounding winds and force them to congregate at a single point creating an extremely high velocity wind.

Plasma Storm: He can even create plasma by further compressing the wind at high speeds in a single point.

Kinetic Blast: Tulat has taken control of the planet's rotational vectors and transferd an enormous amount of that energy into one attack. This attack used up so much of the planets rotational energy that it slowed down the the earth's rotation by about 5 minutes.

Brain Hacking: In accord to him by redirecting the electrical signals of the human body he can take 'control' over them and rewrite the memories and personality of the people.

Flight: By controlling the wind around him he creates about 4 high-powered tornadoes behind him to allow him to fly. He is also able to redirect the vectors of gravity upon him.

Reverse Engineering: Tulat has stated that as long as he has experienced it, he can analyze forces unknown to him as long as his body has been in contact with it, by following the vectors that have been applied(almost similar to a vaccine shot's case). He has used this ability to understand many enemy abilities.

Bullet Redirection: Tulat has simply pointed the gun at himself then fired, redirecting the bullet to hit his enemy, stating that his ability was far more precise than any gun sight.

Awakening: If by some chance Tulat is nearly killed this power activates. When he Awakens, Tulat usually loses almost all conscious control of himself and begins to speak in the language of the Angels. He gains the ability to control and create "imaginary vectors", and no longer needs to be touching vectors to control them. When Awakened, he manifests massive Wings, one black and one white, the black is stated to be made of "Dark Matter" while the White is unknown. These wings do all the vector-related calculations for him, implied to be a much faster rate than his original calculating abilities, perhaps infinitely so.
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