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 Final Rebellion Age of Empires Tier List / Military Ranks (And a bonus)

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PostSubject: Final Rebellion Age of Empires Tier List / Military Ranks (And a bonus)   Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:08 am

This is in order from best to worst in terms of AOE skill. I will list strengths and weaknesses and give a fitting title.

AOE Centurion and Leader - King of Land and Sea: PPV: Strengths - Most knowledgeable, most skilled, most experienced, flexible mind, flexible economy, great micromanagement, scouting, and tricks. Knows counters. Capable of handling multiple hard AI by self. Ability to rush. Ability to channel resources to one focus. Can play as a few different races and knows the strengths of the races being used by self. Capable of fighting multiple battles at one time while still maintaining economy (arguably the most important skill regarded by RTS gamers.) Has a sufficient build order and is capable of changing it if necessary. Resources develop fast. Has ample resources when not fighting. Scouts constantly, and gives updates to teammates. Always checks what age everyone is in. Lends support, supplies, bails people out, teaches, and often turns the tide. IS ABLE TO HARASS (Very important). Can take out everyone else listed here, even if it is 5 vs 1. Weaknesses: Can be forgetful as to some micromanagement. Hates transport ships. Sometimes base gets cluttered. May be greedy and steal teammates raw material and open land in order to expand own base. Can be indecisive. Does not know what all races have without looking it up. May create stuff simply because it looks nice/aesthetics.

This section is for everyone else based on what I've seen and experienced fighting with, or against these people. Based on more than what you yourself can see; some speculation used.

AOE Naval Admiral: Groudlet - Strengths - Knows how to advance fast, sometimes faster than me. Is great at sea. Typically has a good economy. Pretty good at land, too. Knows to upgrade his units and technology. Is learning to experiment with new units and technology. Smart enough to attack when he sees enemy building in his base. Protects his base with towers. Is learning to use walls. Knows what buildings do what. Dependable, listens to orders, is independent, and does not need to be bailed out as he holds his fort very well. Weaknesses - Still new to the game. Is not entirely committed to where he battles; such as building a strong navy, but not dedicating enough supplies to the sea battle until it's too late. May age up TOO fast without stabilizing economy first, often prepares an army too late. Micromanagement needs some touching up. Needs to learn to go on the offense.

AOE Rugged Calvary and infantry man: Shay. Strengths: Comes with a mixed army. Has RTS experience. Builds troops fast. Knows how to rush to a certain extent. Knows that towers are important. Good micromanagement. Weaknesses: Yes, he builds an army early and quick, but does not use it often until they become worthless; example: Building Tool Age units and saving them until the opponent gets Bronze Age units, which, severely outclass Tool Age units. Economy suffers as a result. Needs to be bailed out.

AOE Infantry Man / Archer: Mikey: Strengths - Comes with a mixed army of infantry and archers. Has RTS experience. Learns quick. Is willing to save his teammates (Aak). Assists teammates on offensive strikes and attempts to harass enemy, and succeeds sometimes. Uses towers successfully and also supports them with troops, which is fantastic. Weaknesses - Ages up TOO slowly. Often suffers from the same problem as Shay, Tool Age units vs Bronze Age, but this is from aging up too slow, not by choice. Needs to be bailed out. Troops technology could be better. I cannot tell how his economic research is because I cannot see what he has and does not, but his micro needs some work.

Support: Rank - Chariot and Scythe Chariot: Bob - Strengths - Is learning. Knows a decent amount about the game. Can find wood easily. Always has ample wood. Is generous with his supplies. Is willing to participate in battle. Knows what buildings do what. Understands that a defense is necessary (for the most part at least, with the exception of 1 on 1 in SOME situations. But a defense is always welcomed.) Weaknesses - Advances too late. Ends up with Mikey's problem of weak troops. Is MIA for most of the match. Struggles with food. Has never needed to be bailed out, but this is because he has not been attacked.

Village Idiot (Just kidding): Rank: Villager And Clubman/Axeman: Aak: Strengths - Knows how to build villagers and how to run away. Knows to build houses. Knows to age up. Knows to collect supplies. Has been seen building troops once. Weaknesses - Does not understand the concept of putting some villagers on some tasks rather than dragging all your villagers to do one thing at one time and then dragging them to do another. Also drags all his villagers off of work the moment he is attacked. Ages up too slowly. Has no army. Reaches Tool Age VERY late. Never gets past Tool Age. Has been seen building no more than 10 troops, but sends them in the wrong direction. Gets lost. Needs to be bailed out by Mikey and I many times. Civilization gets annihilated.

For some reason, everyone uses the Romans.

Animal Tier List:

Top tier: Void: Strengths - Highest HP, highest attack. Does not attack unless provoked. Has multiple accounts. Weakness - slow. Special Attribute, is actually used in war. "War Elephants" and "Armored Elephants", which rival Centurions. Has an archer counterpart.

Mid Tier: Riley - Strengths - fast, can attack. Sometimes attacks with multiple accounts (lions). Mistakes people, and even non-living things for Jackal. Actually does attack XP (Gazelles) on his own, often wasting food for the player as XP will decompose. Weaknesses - Dies against one villager. Picks fights he cannot win.

Low tier: Masta - Strengths - Can attack. Sometimes attacks with multiple accounts (gators). Typically found by the sea. Weaknesses - dies to one villager. Slower than Voids. Picks fights he cannot win.

Bottom Tier: XP - Strengths - Very fast and annoying. Runs away, making it hard to hunt. Weaknesses - Is a faggot Gazelle that has no attack and is often raped by the AI G Slush Bots. Runs around like an asshole with multiple accounts, but they're so obvious it's him that they all look the same.
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Final Rebellion Age of Empires Tier List / Military Ranks (And a bonus)
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