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 Naruto Openings Vs Bleach Openings.

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PostSubject: Naruto Openings Vs Bleach Openings.   Tue Feb 28, 2012 8:58 pm

This is a competition of naruto vs bleach openings. I will make another post for the endings, but post which openings overall you think are better. You can judge based on how well one particular song you may like more than any of the others on the opposing side (for example if you like a naruto opening more so than any of the openings of bleach, despite the bleach openings overall being in your favor over the other naruto themes) or you could choose based on which side overall has better themes in your opinion. I am going to state my opinion about each song though as I post them here.
Naruto openings

^This opening is okay, not terrible but the actual opening I saw seemed terrible probably because of the editing. However this shit aint good enough to go on my ipod, faar too dull.

^This opening is pretty good to, real exciting just how I like it. Problem is it is kinda repetative in my opinion; sometimes I am okay with it being repetative but it would have to be really good to have the right to be repetative.

^ I never heard this shit in my life, my childhood is ruined since all I got to hear as a third opening was fighting faggots. I wish I got to hear this shit instead, it is pretty nice.

^Ok this aint as bad as I remembered, I just heard it waay too much as a kid and it was probably the stupid editing of the song that ruined it idk.

^Probably my favorite opening in the first naruto series. This shit is trippyer denna bitch, it is also fitting to the story at that time where sasuke has betrayed the leaf village. I cannot understand the words but the scenery and the tone of the song just give off that feel of the longing naruto has for his missing friend, and impending betrayal. This was before sasuke betrayed the leaf village if I remember correctly.

^If I was rating shit, this would be low as fuck, I don't really care for this opening much, it is too repetative. I mean I like exciting music but this isn't that good even still, and it is repetative.

^ This opening is pretty decent, it's even on my ipod, one of my favorite naruto themes.

^ Omfg this shit is sexy as a bitch. It just SCREAMS motivation I fucking love it. My nipples are erect by this theme, it erouses me. But seriously dough, this shit is passionate as fuck at phases I love it. Another good thing about it is that it changes up at some point in the song (albiet a slight change) I love that kinda shit, it aint too repetative.

^ This is pretty good for a final opening of the first series. Not as overwealming as the others, but still decent.

^Lmao jap rap; it is pretty nice, especially for the first op, not good enough for my ipod tho.

^ Pretty nice song, ipod worthy which is why it is on there. Very fitting for the story tbh imo.

^This is good shit, ipod worthy to.


This ones pretty nice, reminds me of jarayas death. The theme has a sense of sarrow to it, and excitement.

^One of my favorite naruto openings.

^Good song, heard it so much it feels generic tho.

^This is some hot ass shit. One of the newer openings.

Hot ass hippie shit.

Bleach Openings

^Good start, first theme being bad ass.

Seems like bleach themes are actually better than the series itself; this is a good example of that.

^Man these openings always fucking impress me.

Kinda lazy sounding, not my thing but sorta good. It would be better if it wasn't so godforesakenly short.

^Idk how this got so rare all of a sudden but yea this is the only place I can find this song atm. Really good theme though, not really what I would call one of the best but it is ipod worthy.

^This shit is pretty good, I hate having to look at that ugly ass doll sing though.

^ Godly, again only vid I could find tho.


This is a different version of the origenal because apparently the origenals were deleted, but yea this shit was pretty damn good as well, generic for bleach however.

^The scene in the actual show ruined it for me somewhat since orehime and rukia dancing around like whores is not characteristic. The song is still decent though, almost catchy.

^Best I could find, this opening is pretty nice, wish I could find the full thing.

^ FAVORITE FUCKING OPPENING OMFGGG. Shitty version of it, again, bleach openings are rare some reason.

^Gudda den a bitch, but betta den dat if duh shit was full version.
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PostSubject: Re: Naruto Openings Vs Bleach Openings.   Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:42 pm

After listening to all I'd say that Bleach has better openings the Bleach opens get you more....pumped up lets say


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PostSubject: Re: Naruto Openings Vs Bleach Openings.   Mon Mar 05, 2012 6:44 pm

2, 12 ,13 ,1 ,8 and 7 of bleach are the best damn openings


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PostSubject: Re: Naruto Openings Vs Bleach Openings.   

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Naruto Openings Vs Bleach Openings.
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