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 Centurion PPV and co + FR's themes

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PostSubject: Centurion PPV and co + FR's themes   Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:36 am

PPV Contemplates

PPV uses an Elite Side Main

Vegeta plots

Vegeta's plot is underway

The damage has been done

PPV stops sandbagging

PPV is pissed

Eddie Garcia is summoned/Eddie's theme

Grandhustle's theme

Green Beast's theme/Green Gloats/Green talks shit

PPV's undying determination/Samus side main (Ellis) Theme

PPV Mobilizes

(watch on YouTube) PPV prepares for a clan war/attempts to boost morale of clan and self for the war

Wiki Wonder's theme: Elegant Eldritch Hero

Wiki Wonder's Theme 2: Rightous Regal Renaissance Monarch

PPV is Brawling and outclassing an opponent

PPV selects a true main

Final Struggle against an unstoppable foe - Last Hope

You made enemies with the wrong person - PPV is provoked!

Michael Scalianidas' Theme - Savior of the Wasteland/Michael Pulls through for us

PPV's Victory Theme: Supreme Super Spartan Soldier

PPV's Victory Theme v2: Victorious and with spoils!

PPV's other V-themes: Small, but great triumphs.

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Centurion PPV and co + FR's themes
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