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 God + Fr's Themes

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PostSubject: God + Fr's Themes   Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:53 pm

Donkey Kong's entrance and boss theme. Entrance starts and ends from 0 to 1:00. The rest is the boss theme.

Ascended god Donkey Kong theme

Donkey Kong in thought.

Donkey Kong's devilish plot succeeds causing catastrophic results.

Donkey Kong and his hoe.

Donkey Kong turns down some gay dudes sexual advances (mostly bigedo, but any other gay dude who worships the ground I walk on to)

Donkey Kong taking a shit

Donkey Kong when horny

Donkey Kong massacureing an opponent or group.

Donkey Kong in a desperate situation.

Final rebellions theme

Donkey Kong's sacrafice.

Donkey Kong during contact high.

Donkey Kong makes a realization

Donkey Kong in the middle of beating peoples asses.

Donkey Kong enraged.

The thoughts in everyones mind when they think of Donkey Kong despite any other bull shit they might lie about.

Donkey Kong's lullaby.

Donkey Kong working out.

OverLordlos Boss theme

Donkey Kong when betrayed.

Donkey Kong's Masturebation theme.

Donkey Kong when he has gathered many hoes together.

Donkey Kong's Entrance theme

In pc with Donkey Kong.

Donkey Kong inspired.

Fr's war theme.

Donkey Kong's sudden entrance into battle.

Donkey Kong in chat.

Donkey Kong while studying.
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God + Fr's Themes
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