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 Voids themes + FR themes

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PostSubject: Voids themes + FR themes    Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:47 pm

"Voids intro"

This is "Void boss battle theme 1" up until 1:45 would be considered as just a cut scene though the battle wouldn't start until exactly 1:45

I call this "Void possessed"

"Voids battle theme"

"Voids arrival"

"Casual day at FR"

"Void's death"

"Voids suffering"

"Voids transformation"

"Saving her"

"Void boss battle theme 2"

"Void vs. Gem"

"Void's final boss theme"

"Fr's surrender"

"Fr's moment of weakness"

"Fr's will to not give up"

"Voids story continues"

"Voids uncontrollable assault"

"Talking with Void" This is "Voids theme"


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Voids themes + FR themes
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