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 The true charismatic tier list

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The true charismatic tier list Empty
PostSubject: The true charismatic tier list   The true charismatic tier list EmptyFri Feb 10, 2012 10:39 pm

This is judged based off personality, and how charismatic a person can be when they want to be, not how charismatic they are normally since say someone like void is a weak little piss ass who is nice to almost everyone, and I the god I am curse out hethans like dippers and don't get upset when she dates someone else, I get foot pics from her and nudes instead while she is dating her little boy friendssssssssssssssssssssssssss.

Sexy: 1. Lordlos 2.Eddie inb4bicuriousanger

Hot: 1. Void 2. AAk 3. Mimi 4. Rodax 5. Kkoop

From 4 to 12 they are about equal, I just put them in a random order, none of them are any more charismatic than the other.
Normal people: 1. Bob 2.Tank 3. Mikey 4. Firby 5. Gem 6. Groudlet 7. Glitch 8. Xp 9. Yoshi 10. Chark 11. Negga 12. Leon

In this tier, the lower you are, the more scary you are obviously because of less charisma.
Kinda scary: 1. Jin 2. Sara 3. Riley 4. Lugia 5. Bozo

Dreadful: 1. Turbo 2. Masta 3. Bigedo 4. Outlaw 5. Crystal 666. Pikru the legendary rainforest cunt.
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The true charismatic tier list
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